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Knack is scary and spooky

Halloween game for monster. Don’t play. Halfway through, when I was trying to get past the shrimp smuggling level, my character INEXPLICABLY started stripping off his clothes. I’ve always considered the meat piñata scene especially disturbing. There too many top hats, like, more than the Victorian era. The amount of top hats in this game made me poop my shirt. I loved this game. would buy again.

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Great messages
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Too much sex
age 4+

1st game I could play with barely 5 year old daughter! Cooperative, easy, fun!

In two player mode you are both your own "Knack" and in different colors. You are unable to hurt each other. Solving the puzzles and growing Knack is entertaining and gets you hooked fast. Story line is easy for little kids to follow.

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Easy to play/use
age 2+

A Mastapeece

Ice Knack

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Great messages