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Parent of a 2 and 4 year old Written bycyberczar June 12, 2013

Great cooperative play for parents and kids

I have tried various video games with my 4-year old son, who absolutely loves to play games on the iphone/ipad, and wanted to try something more "substantial". Almost all of the titles aimed at his age group (early development, such as sesame street, etc), are not only boring for him (a cardinal sin, clearly), but almost impossible for him to control. He has a really hard time with the wii remote, particularly in any aiming/pointing task. That being said, this game is great. He finds it really fun and engaging, and he's quite adept at the ps3 controller. The drop-in/drop-out and open world cooperative play allow him to explore on his own, with me to help him with anything too hard. We love playing it together. After a month or two of playing together, it's now usually him that wants to do all but the trickiest of challenges. As all characters are made of lego bricks, even the "violence" isn't really so, merely bricks separating, etc. Over all, the best thing about this game, and games in this series in general, is it allows us to play together, something that we both like and are challenged by. Highly recommended.
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Adult Written bypositron01 February 28, 2012

Fun Games

I like it better than lego starwars. Fun game. I really enjoy playing split-screen because you can go to different parts of the map without dragging your partner around with you.
Parent of a 8 and 10 year old Written byNYU Dad November 26, 2010

Great cartoony fun, easy game play, anemic female role models

I have played Lego games on the xbox360 with my now 8 year old son for at least 2 years, and they are great. There is a lot of general mayhem and running around, collecting coins, etc. The violence is no more that what the kids do when play acting with physical lego pieces, and there is some good problem solving also required. I also think that the 9+ rating is too high, and that kids will lose interest in this game if they are older than 10. The female role models are not great, and some resort to kissing to defeat their enemies and are indicated by stereotypical conventions. My 10 year old daughter quickly lost interest in the lego games a year ago.