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Adult Written bycoheteloco April 9, 2008
Adult Written bypatchthefish April 9, 2008
Parent of a 5, 8, and 11 year old Written byekolson May 17, 2013

Lacks a tutorial

This is a cute, somewhat fun game. However, it's biggest fault is that it has no tutorial, so I had a lot of trouble figuring out the controls. Also, it contains characters blowing up into little pieces, and it is quite difficult to understand what you are supposed to do.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Parent of a 13 year old Written byMW3callofduty23 April 14, 2013

don't buy

i wouldn't get this one get the complete saga
What other families should know
Great messages
Too much violence
Too much consumerism
Parent Written byShugocharafan88 February 12, 2013

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We watched it in science class. It was a movie. it was so funny
What other families should know
Easy to play/use
Adult Written bybaba 1 May 16, 2012

Lego star wars the original trilogy

Brilliant lego game! Great for kids! I recommend to parents that they buy this game for their kids!
What other families should know
Great messages
Too much violence
Easy to play/use
Adult Written byMi3 February 5, 2011
Parent of a 3 and 6 year old Written bylivigirl July 9, 2010

Family Favorite

My boys love Star Wars and Legos, and my husband loves video games, so this game is a natural fit for our family. I don't want my kids playing violent video games, but since it's just blasting legos apart, I let them play this game, although it's the only shooting video game I will allow them to play. I really enjoy the creativity of converting the Star Wars story into a video game with Legos. The mini-figures do some funny things! You can play with 1 or 2 players, and the 2nd player can easily drop in or out of the game at any point which makes it nice for the parents or friends to play along. We usually play along since our boys are young and still learning how to play and they often need our help still to finish a board. I enjoy playing it as much (if not more) than they do, so it's a fun activity for everyone.
What other families should know
Too much consumerism
Educational value
Parent of a 6 and 10 year old Written byHappymum August 13, 2009

Fun for the whole family

I bought this game for twenty dollars at Target and I play it with him. (He is 6 and loves legos and built some of the lego Star Wars sets.) We love this game and have fun solving the puzzles together. The graphics and the humor are extremely enjoyable.
Adult Written bynwadel April 9, 2008

Violence even tho its Legos

The idea of shooting "people" even tho they are lego's with guns, probably not for the young. I would think this is more for older children and adults, i sure liked playing it!
Adult Written bykmackenzie April 9, 2008

Great for Kids and Parents

This game and the one before have been an excellent way for my 8 year old to play a fun game together! We have spent hours working through this game enjoying the time together and the challenges!
Parent of a 11 year old Written bymickeym_k April 9, 2008

Whole Family Likes It

I am the mother of 2 ten year old boys and they love to play this game! My husband and I also enjoy this game. We are all lovers of Legos and the original Star Wars trilogy. This games has held my kids interest. It is one that they want to go back to again and again. And so do I! The game is appropriate for a child who is 8+ and who can understand the cartoon violence in the game. There is ALOT of shooting and lightsaber swinging. I let my kids play this game, because it is sci-fi made into a funny cartoon. Plus there is no gore or horror.
Adult Written byCSM Screen Name... April 9, 2008

Kids love the game but it causes some multiplayer problems

Fisrt off, my kids 10,7 and 5 LOVE this game. Even my teenage nephews seem to like it quite a bit - so it definitely has some longevity and they play it quite a bit. If your kids are familiar with star wars movies it helps but it not necessary. Slightly violent but characters are all lego guys so they just break apart. My biggest problem with the game is the multiplayer function. While very well implemented, it seems my kids are always bickering while playing this game (much more so than others) becuase it requires teamwork to move forward and complete tasks/missions. If one player is lagging behind (all players on the same screen in a cooperative mission) and the other one is more capable they seem to get frustrated with each other easily because in effect, the less talented player is "holding back" the better player. Hence, the constant coaching and commanding from better player to lesser player to "come on" "get moving" and - yes unfortunately "kill that guy" comments to which I am constantly saying "don't say kill...say get that guy.." to no avail. Otherwise, great game which they always play and love but may cause some bikereing and frustration between freinds and siblings unless they are equal in ability (or at lest very understanding).
Parent of a 11 year old Written bylrthomp April 9, 2008

smart and fun for kids, but lots of senseless violence

My son (9) loves this game. which was a gift. However, my husband and I have some issues with it. It is definitely a shooting game -- throughout, the player must kill characters and destroy enemy vehicles in order to complete the levels. You collect "studs" in order to buy stuff to help you -- our complaint is that you gain studs by shooting up everything in sight -- chairs, trash cans, lights, your own allies. Even if it's cartoon violence, it's still pointless violence. We prefer games like Major League Baseball and Flight Simulator.
Adult Written byjmosey April 9, 2008

Fun for the Entire Family

It's great to find a game that not only holds the attention of everyone in our house (no small feat in my case, or so says my wife) but also encourages teamwork and cooperative play between the players. Another reviewer mentioned bickering and I have to say that I agree, though I think my wife and I are worse than our son. This game served as his introduction to the Star Wars Universe and he's absolutely loving it. We are still a bit concerned about the violence but it's always presented in a humorous manner and my son can see far worse by turning on the tv. I should mention the best part of the game is that players can drop in or out at will... this is great when you're playing with the kids and have to get up and do something (answer the door, check on the dogs, etc). My favorite part of the game is watching my son run around the house trying to use the force on all of us. An absolute blast and amazing game that will keep kids of all ages entertained!
Adult Written bybmitchner April 9, 2008