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age 14+

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age 10+

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age 12+

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age 9+

good for age 10+ if they watch gossesbumps and sleep good for 10 years or older

I bought this game for my pc for my son and me but the game is for me and when he played he was fine my son is 10 and he loves horror games so do i love horror games best character mono if they watch gosesbumps and sleep good if the are then it good for 10+ with 5 stars
age 10+

okay for 10+

i play this game at lanch at it was great better the first and 10 10 scarier then the first so i rconnmed anyone is 10 up and cant be like 14+
age 12+

Another great horror game has disturbing images throughout

Little Nightmares II is scarier, more disturbing and better than its predecessor, however it does contain some disturbing content. ——————————————————————— VIOLENCE AND GORE: A man skins an animal with his bare hands in dim lighting, however loud ripping and tearing is heard with hair and such flying off. Tons of dead bodies, feet hanging out of body bags hanging from ceilings, blood smears on the environment. A man chases the protagonists with a gun shooting at them, which can result in death. Intestines, bowels are shown on the floors in a forest and next to a corpse of a little boy (optional to see, Easter egg) A man is shot with a shotgun at the beginning of the game, obscured by a door. Still a shocking moment. Brains, arms and feet are shown in jars, (all can be smashed out) and in one scene you use a brain to open a door. Little glass boys violently cut into frogs with keys and bare hands and we see intestines etc. A silhouette of a teacher smacking something or someone with a ruler is shown. You can smash glass boys with a hammer, pipe, large spoons etc. A little girl violently smashed a glass boy with her bare hands. A monster is burnt alive offscreen. Body bags, nooses shown. A hand falls off a dead body and chases you several times in the game which you can repeatedly smash with a hammer (not graphic). In a scene, many people jump off the roofs of buildings commiting suicide and landing on the concrete next to you suddenly and disturbingly. When you reach the roof you see them jumping off from the top. Blood smears environments in portions, adds to the disturbing mood. Dead bodies are shown around a house. An insane man runs into a room and we hear a loud smash. When we go in, we see he killed himself by smashing his a face into a TV screen and electrocuting himself. The main character can die by getting shot, getting electrocuted, eaten, crushed, strangled, burnt, hung upside down, landing in traps, falling and breaking his legs, getting thrown and more... OVERALL: 12+