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I love LPS! That means Littlest Pet Shop! One reason is you can buy pets.Not with real money with the game's money. It gives you a lot of money when you start and when you get more into it you level up! Also you can put clothing on your pets! It is so much fun! There are challenges for you and your pet to do but if you can’t do it just don’t do it because I always do that and it works.l love Littlest Pet Shop. You have to get Littlest Pet Shop because you can put clothing on your pets.
age 4+

Littlest Pet Shop toys

The LPS toys are super fun! My daughter loves playing with them and collecting all of the different kinds. What my daughter loves about them is that they come in all sorts of sizes and also surprise blind bags which makes it fun to open. The houses are super easy to build it's a fun family project and it always comes with a bunch of stickers. I definitely recommend as a hobby and something to do together as a family.

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age 5+

Some reading ability is helpful, not mandatory...

My 5 yr old daughter LOVES this game. Reading ability is helpful however the on screen graphics do a good job of "showing" what the kids have to do. My daughter can read and hasn't asked me to read anything for her. Also the long forgotten LPS figurines from her room are now getting played with! Overall LOVE it, very cute game for girls.

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Too much consumerism