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Magician's Quest Mysterious Times

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love it

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Too much consumerism
age 11+

Fun game with harry-potter like magic

Well it's basically Animal Crossing with magic. You start the game as a student in a magic school. Then you go around catching bugs and fish, collecting mushrooms and buying furniture to decorate your dorm. There are also mysteries you have to solve, none of them are very puzzle-ish though, the closest any of them get to puzzles is when you have no idea what to do. You can talk to your "neighbors" just like in animal crossing, but in this game you can "date" them too. Dating doesn't really go far- it's not like harvest moon where you can get married and have kids. The farthest dating goes is they say stuff like "you're the nicest girl/boy i ever met" and "i'll always protect you" lol. Gossip is another new feature they added, but it's not really gossip.. Most of it is like, "Oh ma goodness, Cindy was hangin' out with Stella in the courtyard!" And so far as consequences, nothing really happens except sometimes after class they'll confront someone about their scandalous activity. It's not a very realistic confrontation either, i'm sure IRL they'd be much meaner. xD not really education but it's still a fun game to play. I'd suggest waiting for the sequel instead of buying this game, though, it looks a lot better.
age 9+


There making a sequel in japan!!!!!
age 5+

Perfect for fantasy fans who love to solve mysteries and enjoy casting spells!

This wonderfully crafted game is ideal for those who love magic, wizards and fantasy in general. Very much like Animal Crossing with a magical twist it has a lot of exciting puzzles and mysteries to solve. With shops for clothes, furniture for your dorm room, and ingredients for spells and icantations. A perfect game for those Harry Potter fans!

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Great messages
age 12+

Safe for all ages, but annoying gossip, and it's a Time-Sink.

Well, it's a great game, and it has a lot more than animal crossing, but the gossip is annoying... And DON'T PLEASE smirk and say, "oh, it's just gossip... have some tougher skin..." but 85% of the time, the conversations will be "Oh, i saw Michael playing in the courtyard" like SO WHAT?? Oh, and Animal Crossing is better for those who can't spend TWO HOURS playing this game. try AC first.

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Educational value