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The best video game of all time!

I simply cannot put MediEvil into words, due to it being the prime example of what a video game should be. The way it values taking your time and slowly progressing through problem solving and testing strategies. Look no further, MediEvil is the perfect game to introduce video games to your children. Since the game is so complicated, I will have to keep this plot and description here short: The Game is about a soldier who was known to have killed an evil sorcerer named Zarok with his own mighty power, but we find out this man was not the hero we thought. He was a failure to say the least, and had died before he had even gotten close to the sorcerer. He died with a blow to the eye. BUT, many years later, the soldier awakens from the dead to find out that the sorcerer had returned! Originally, Zarok had spawned evil demons in the town, so he did it again from the dead. The soldier now has his chance to stop Zarok and be the true hero he had thought to had been. Now that you are familiar with the plot, you know that the character will be killing demons, zombies and the like, and that is very true. Here is all of the violent stuff that can and will happen: As the soldier, you can slash, crush, bash and ram zombies, demons, imps, scarecrow creatures, and more. When you do this, a very large amount green blood will spurt out on every hit until the monster is dead. You do this on every part in the game, and it it constant. Through the game, you also see blood splattered areas, decapitated bodies, corpses hung on nooses, bodies ripped in half and more. Each one of these things have a fair to large amount of blood. When you kill specific types of creatures, red blood will splatter out into the air, and most will spray onto the walls and pool on the floor. The most frequently killed creatures are rats, which you have to brutally crush with hammers and clubs. This is overly graphic, and they are shown smashed open. Plus, blood is also shown in overwhelming amounts on the ground. Sir Daniel Fortesque rips out guts from his eyehole. There is more violence and blood through out the game, but it isn’t that graphic. OVERALL: The Game isn’t as bad as it seems, and the violence is comical and the premise is silly and fun. The zombies look mostly laughable, and the imps are little Red Devils. This is fine for 8-12 year olds easily!!

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