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Parent of a 17 year old Written byPirate fan February 14, 2010

Awesome game with some iffy parts

I have played and mastered this game. It is easy except for non gamers on the bosses. Itis very informational on the cold war and isnt as bad as the normal shooter game is. There is some bad parts (which can be skipped by pressing x) but i say 12+ unless your child is intellegent, and emotionly strong. PS the very end of the game is a bit sad.
Adult Written byG-Albaxter April 9, 2008

Not as bad as one would think..

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is not a game for anyone under the age of 11-12. Some of the parents who have been told about this game may be thinking that this game is terrible for kids of all ages. It's not. The rating is M, but don't let it fool you, this game is actually pretty clean. The only sexual content that I've seen is scantily clad women, (but, they are everywhere, there isn't a game that a pre-teen would enjoy without them) and there is a scene where a man loses his eye, but it isn't as brutal as it sounds, and the shooting does result in blood but is avoidable with camouflage, which is encouraged in the game, and at one point, the people killed by a player come back as ghosts, sending a message that killing will result in consequences. There is no drinking but the main character carries around a cigar which you can have him do, but yet again, smoking will result in losing health, trying to project that smoking is bad. The 'bad words' as one would call them are nothing unless you're uptight enough to think that 'Hell' or 'Damn' is a swear, as if you're kids don't say things like that and worse at school. The game-play and graphics are pretty good and there isn't very much game-play if you take out the cut-scenes. Lastly, this game is quite educational. I found myself learning things about the Cuban Missile Crisis and other things of that era I was never taught in schools. This game is definitely NOT a bad influence on kids, because kids today aren't stupid, and they aren't very impressionable through television and video-games and all else, if your child asks for this, it is NOT reckless, bad parenting, or shameful to buy a game such as this. (It's a good game too!) Happy buying! ;-)
Adult Written byvixvis March 5, 2009

the story that will keep u guessing till the end,and appreciate it.

this game is by far a well made game,if ur looking for great story, challenge,and memorable gameplay, this is it. this game teaches a great history lesson while putting an exiting spin on it. This game also gives u the option of not killing anybody thruought the whole game, and u also have an option of turninh blood off.This game does not portray Russians as bad people, in the game both countries have their flaws,so preatty much its all about politics.This is a great title thatshould not be missed by anyone.
Adult Written byLegatosServant February 24, 2010

Wonderful game regardless of certain parts

I am a HUGE fan of the Metal Gear series and have been since I was a young child, and even then I did realize that the themes were a bit mature. Nuclear war, fighting, torture; I was well aware of the violence but I barely conciously aware because I was too busy being enthralled in the story and figuring out the puzzle of everything that was going on. I am now 20 years old and I used to be a primary caretaker for my younger siblings, going so far as to say I was a mother figure for them, and I frequently let them watch me play or even play themselves. We never really noticed the violence because we'd talk about the history and storyline more then anything else. Growing up around those games made my sister, now in high school, interested in history and english and she actually does well in history because she knows a lot of the answers because she learned a lot of dates and occurances from the game. My brother, who is only 8 years old, is the best reader in his school--even better then the 6th graders--and loves reading my Metal Gear novels that I've bought. While there are some words that I've alerted him that he can't use, he understands that and reads them within days. This game may be violent, but it made me, my sister and brother very interested in history and better in english because of our collective love for storytelling and writing. I will mention that the smoking is an issue, but it is mentioned as hazzardous but it's only used for medicinal purposes in circa-1964, which is the most one could hope for.
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Too much sex
Too much swearing
Great role models
Parent Written byryanj October 23, 2015

Smart, fun and campy.

This is a game about the Cold War. (Red Flag right there) Now, I'd like to say. This is not the worst M game out there. Far from it! I'll make three points. My review, why I said it's for 15 year olds, and if it's beneficial. 1. This is a great game! The story is very entertaining; sure there are 30 minute cutscenes, but they feel short because they are fun and entertaining. The story was masterfully done and it's probably better than most movies you've watched. I actually find it quite surprising that the game manages to provide a serious story about an American soldier defecting to the KGB, yet still manages to make me laugh harder than most comedy films. The gameplay is probably the best in the series. Each enemy base you encounter is has multiple entrances, new weapons scattered about, destroyable buildings and vehicles, mounted guns, multiple ways to take down your enemies, etc. Remember though, this is a stealth game. But the stealth mechanics are better than ever, with camouflage, smoke grenades, suppressors (silencers) for your guns, the CQC to interrogate and take out your enemies, and more. PS: The soundtrack is perfect too. 2. The game does have some blood, cussing alcohol, sex, bombs, a complex plot and mature themes. But you can turn the blood off and skip the mature cutscenes exclusively. So it would solve most of the issues. But even if you didn't it wouldn't be that bad. There are mostly just teases and when they do start; they keep their clothes on (except for the male character's shirt) and it cuts off before anything too sexual happens. (They really just kiss) Also, if your kid is pretty smart they'll understand the story. Mine's 12 and he understood every minute of it. 3. The story is pretty fictional, but it can teach your kid quite a bit about The Cold War, Russia, the UN, war, soldier's roles, to be careful who they trust and to be loyal to what you think is right, and not just to follow your country or ruler blindly. (Not so extremely to tell the kids to start a rebellion) Other Concerns: If you have seems some of the female characters in this game and think that they look sexist. Don't worry this game treats females and males equally! (SPOILER TERRITORY) The two main female characters in this game kick the main male character's butt! In fact one of them was just showing off revealing body parts to get the male character to trust her so she can get something from him.
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Too much swearing
Adult Written by-Insert_Name_Here- April 9, 2008
Adult Written byshadow_moses_kratos March 17, 2010
i am a metal gear solid fanboy always have been since i was little, I LOVE SOLID SNAKE/FOXHOUND, and i know ss isn't in this game, but big boss is and that rocks!!!
What other families should know
Great messages
Great role models
Parent of a 13 year old Written byroog44 August 15, 2009
What other families should know
Educational value
Great messages
Great role models
Adult Written bySnipes April 9, 2008
Adult Written byScoops April 9, 2008

One of the best games ever made.

Metal Gear Solid 3 is an excellent example of the dynamics available in games. While you play as a special forces operative, it is possible to play the game through to 100% completion by only killing one person. Even that is part of the storyline and crucial to the development of the protagonist. It should be noted, bosses explode upon defeat, even if you haven't "killed" them, which I find incongruous and silly. It should also be noted that not killing actually makes one particular part of the game easier, a point one could emphasize with your child. When facing The Sorrow, the protagonist will encounter the host of everyone he has killed thus far, and will lose health if the ghosts touch him. Less killing results in fewer ghosts and an easier confrontation. The plot, gameplay and message of this game are very complex, and will not be appropriate for all ages. The story has both informative aspects and is very thought provoking. There is some sexuality in the game, mostly confined to flirting/innuendo and a rendezvous that may not happen (the protagonist may have been drugged). There is also one torture scene that is slightly gruesome (the protagonist loses an eye, though it is not especially bloody/gory). One of the principal villains also kills people and briefly tortures one woman (not very graphically) in cut scenes. Mostly the game tries to call back to Bond films of the 60s and 70s, though it is somewhat more violent. All in all, I'd say the complexity of the game is the bigger sticking point to kids playing this game, rather than content. The game requires a somewhat mature thought process to complete and comprehend.
Adult Written byseto006 April 9, 2008