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Exceptionally dark and violent war game is joyless, brief.
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Teen, 15 years old Written byZeleus July 4, 2020

Brief, bloody stealth game has some fun moments

This game can be completed in under an hour should you wish. However, there is a lot of replay value present and it serves as a story prequel to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Players use various weapons-lethal and non-lethal-to dispatch guards. Some blood is shown with every hit and there are slight splatters and pools left on the ground. Prisoners are shown beaten and bloodied, with one prisoner having screws in his ankles. A possible rape is heard over a mandatory audio tape, and there’s a very unpleasant scene where a bomb is shown being surgically removed from a woman’s stomach. In general the game has very mature theming and so can’t be understood or enjoyed by kids under 15. I think that anyone mature over that who’s willing to feel a bit unpleasant at times should find this pretty enjoyable.
Teen, 14 years old Written byGamersnews32 October 26, 2019

Basically a demo for Phantom Pain, doesn't serve much

MGS V: Ground Zeroes is more of a demo of MGS V: Phantom Pain. The game is pretty short, not much content but is still entertaining. Violence during gameplay is optional. You can either go the stealth route, or, the guns blazing route. Blood sprays from enemies when shot, small blood stains when enemies are shot laying on the ground. One scene shows a surgery trying to get a bomb out of a young girl's (probably around age 15) private area. A lot of blood and gore is seen as inside organs are fully exposed (not the sexual organs).Language is strong but infrequent. Use of @$$, b!#ch, f#!k and $h!t is heard. Sexuality is mildly present. An audio tape let's the player listen as a women is being raped, with sounds of a whip, lashing, moans and clothes ripping.

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Kid, 12 years old January 8, 2018

Not 5 for everything!!!!!

Violence 4- bloodstains on enemies when shot, blood spurt when you stab enemies along with them making a gurgling noise. Sex 3- an audio tape depicts a rape-- ripping clothes, moaning. Language 3- ass, damn, s--t.
Teen, 13 years old Written byBigBox January 4, 2017

Excellent Prologue with a terrible price, and inaccurate Common Sense Media review.

This game, in my opinion, is bloody amazing. The PC optimisation may be terrible compared to The Phantom Pain but it's really good, regardless of its unnecessarily expensive price tag. However, here's a few things to point out to the parents reading this review.

The review explains that "there is a vicious sexual assault", but may I assure that although is implied, is not that bad. It's merely 10 seconds long at the end of "Chico's Tape 3", so just skip that at about 1:10 into the cassette tape, and by no means makes this game deserving of a 5-star rating on Sexual Content. No nudity is shown, the rape scene is not visible, and is only implied. In my honest opinion, it deserves more of a 2-star rating. If the rape "scene" was a little longer and visible, then the 5-star rating is deserved.

The Metal Gear Solid franchise has always had something in common across the whole franchise. Realism, and violence, and both Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain preview A LOT of it. However, do mind that the game can be played from a pacifist point of view. This has been available since Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and had an appearance in the GameCube remaster of Metal Gear Solid, "The Twin Snakes". Of course, it is a tradition at this point and returned in full glory, so if you don't want blood splatters and pools, play with the tranquilizer pistol and Close Quarters Combat.

Now that the core gameplay has been covered over violence, we are to move the cut scenes and implied blood seen in the game. First off, when rescuing Chico from the prison, you'll see various prisoners locked up in cages pleading for help, mercy, begging for their lives. It is clear that they were tortured, and you can also see in the E3 reveals of Metal Gear Solid V, that one person had his leg, arm, and piece of his hip shot/amputated. Everyone in the prison had nuts jammed far into their feet and causes their feet do essentially be impossible to move. When Chico is laid down on the ground, he tries to move but cannot due to this issue, and you can see him reach to pull it out.

Later, when you are rescuing Paz, you can she was tortured by the blood seen on the walls and blood splatters on her prisoner uniform. When you extract her, she continues to talk to you and mentions that pain is only an illusion, and laughs. It also implies she was psychologically tortured.

Finally, when returning to Mother Base, the medical team in the helicopter attempt to remove a bomb that was lodged into Paz's stomach. The scene is extremely graphic, and you can see her intestines, blood spurting out, and her screaming in agony while the scene carries's out. Finally, she says there is another bomb in her body and proceeds to jump out of the helicopter, exploding just outside the chopper. During this scene, you can also see many men die, your mother base falling to pieces (death of hundreds implied, considering the reference to controlling an army of 300 before the attack from a cassette tape in The Phantom Pain). The most notable and bloody death being "Number 25", strafing along gunfire, getting shot in the neck, leaving a massive blood splatter on his uniform and balaclava. The whole scene is very shocking and gory.

The review states that "f**k, b***h, and s**t is infrequently used", and this is true. There is barely any swearing at all, and that shouldn't be very much of an issue to players. The 5-star rating is extremely unnecessary and must be lowered to something like 3-stars, or 2-stars.

Like "Vulgar Language" above, the review got this perfectly as well.

So, in my opinion, the verdict of this game consists of:
(The game does have a lot of death, and your playing as a legendary mercenary, however playing as a pacifist is rewarded with extra points and higher mission completion rank.)

(The review states that you are playing as a villain in the franchise but this is half-half true, not true. The Big Boss you are playing as in this game is the villain of the series, however, Big Boss seen in MGS3 and Peace Walker is the real Big Boss who is Solid Snake's father and a legend. Do note that this Big Boss works for Diamond Dogs in The Phantom Pain, and Diamond Dogs encourages pacifism is various missions, oppose to assassinations and murderer)

(The game is extremely easy to adapt to and very fun. The controls and advanced mechanics are thoroughly discussed from the menu screen by small pages that you can cycle through. However, some unlockables and missions that are seen in the game like Deja Vu and Jamais Vu are never in the game reference how to unlock, making it difficult to understand to some people why they're collecting badges.)

(No doubt about it, this and The Phantom Pain are the darkest, and goriest games in the entire franchise. If you are sensitive to seeing blood, gore, and violence seen in games and media, I recommend you don't step foot near this game at all.)

(Rape is implied, but is only briefly heard for 10 seconds, can be ignored, and no nudity or visual traces are seen at all within the game.)

(The price is very high for this game, however, when on sale, or combined with the Metal Gear Solid V: Definitive Experience, the price is far more decent, and not very much of a worry. Despite that, the game comes bundled with various other missions to play. The core game and story can be finished in a mind-blowing 3 minutes and 42 seconds, but the extra missions make up for the price.)

(The brief appearance of Snake smoking a cigar isn't that bad. He is not encouraging it, or abusing it.)

Overall, I believe this game is meant for a demographic of 16+.

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Violence & scariness
Teen, 13 years old Written byGhostPyro June 6, 2015

A great Steal-Action game for teenagers.

This game is great no matter what. It may be brief, but if you ever find it on sale, you should definitely get it. This game has you playing the role of Snake, or Big Boss, as a MSF operative pegged in a camp in Cuba. He is outnumbered and must use stealth to make his way around the camp to save his friends, Chico and Paz. You also have the choice of saving other prisoners which, in my opinion, puts a check next to the good role-model row. This game is really fun. It makes you stealthy walk around this camp. If you get spotted, all of the other soldiers will converge onto your area and start shooting you down. From commonsensemedia's review, this game sounds very gory, has a lot of swearing, and a lot of sex, but that's not the case. The blood isn't really that noticeable. When you shoot an enemy, a relatively medium amount of blood comes out of them. But the blood is barely noticeable, because the game is dark since it takes place while a storm is happening, and some of the time you have night vision goggles on. The swearing isn't that bad. I've played through the game 3 times now and haven't heard anything that you wouldn't hear in a T rated game. I didn't hear any F-bombs or anything worse than that. Then the sex. There isn't any visual representation of sex in the game, but there is a tape you get and HAVE to listen to to proceed in the mission. After saving Chico, you get "rewarded" with a tape that could help lead you to Paz's whereabouts. But, in the tape, you hear her get sexually assaulted by men. That part of the tape is very brief and isn't as bad as commonsensemedia made it sound. Now there is one part of the game that you parents should watch out for. In the last cutscene of the game, when you think that everything is okay and done with, you find out that Paz (who you had just saved) had a bomb implanted into her. There's no time for anesthesia, so the doctor has to open her right there. There's a close up on her stitches as they get removed. It isn't that bad until Paz wakes up in the middle of the operation. She starts struggling, (as any normal person would do), and you can see her guts. Now the room is a little dark, so they aren't that easy to see, but you can still see them. As she keeps struggling, more of her guts fall out, but when the bomb is removed, they all fall back in, and then all you see is a big cut on her stomach, which is then quickly patched up with gauze. I would recommend that you know you're kid. If they are sensitive to seeing gore and some blood, then this may not be the game, now if they are ready for something like this, then go for it!

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Teen, 15 years old Written byRyanL 1 April 1, 2015

Not for kids.. Weeeeeell.

First off, don't buy this for anything less than $10. Now that I have that out of the way, is this really a 2 star game. A 2 star MGS game? Well, for people who bought this game at full price, this game deserves 2. Kojima fooled many long time fans riding on the hype of MGS V into buying an incomplete product.

The actual game though is great when you throw aside price. I was worried about MGS, I mean we now have more of an action game than ever before. We can see enemy's through walls, we have slow motion so it's impossible to get detected. Even though these can be disabled which I highly recommended MGS is going down a bad road.

Kojima has said he wanted it to end with 3 and I think that would've been fine, MGS is starting to become an over milked franchise like COD or EA's sports game with only updated rosters. Now we get to see what it'll be like without him but that's a story for another day.

Alright, the other guy hear who just said "Don't listen to Commensense, listen to me!" is completely wrong and stupid. There aren't any positive message's here besides your typical good guy vs bad guy. Not that much violence? We get to watch an impromptu surgery as a doctor uses his hands and rummages through a girl's stomach for a bomb. Then she dies anyway. These writer's just don't know how to do true dark and gritty writing. Go back to what you had before with MGS. The environment is awesome at first with multiple path's to an objective but then you lose the illusion and realize that there are only a few path's to each objective which are all dull. David Hayter is gone but the new guy is fine unless you're seriously nostalgic about MGS which I'm not. MGS is becoming way to action-oriented, I mean, there are boring on rails turret section's on a helicopter even but minus the turret.

The graphic's are a smooth 60 fps and 1080p. The sound is good. But the guy who said sex 0/10, might as well jump of a cliff because he has nothing to contribute to society. There are heavy, HEAVY, implementation's. And to the people saying they haven't found the tape. You get it automatically and are told to turn it on and listen to find that person. How did you miss this? Swearing isn't that bad actually and the control scheme is different but easy to adapt to. No drugs or anything. Don't be an idiot an let your 8 year old play this, that person is either high, trolling or just plain stupid. This game is for 15 plus, maybe 13 if your child is mature enough. Even if your child is old enough he may not like the dark gritty tone of the games.

Regarding full price. 2 stars.

Disregarding price. 3 stars (Action-oriented and poor writing)

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Teen, 17 years old Written byDjoeydjent June 15, 2014

It's Metal Gear, what do you expect?

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is an exemplary game, one that all future stealth-action games will look to for inspiration. Excellent gameplay and brilliant visuals are commonplace in the Metal Gear series, and Ground Zeroes is no exception. The new open-world style play is a perfect fit for the Metal Gear series. Aside from the actual game, there's the story. It's short and very barebones, but the dramatic conclusion sets up the next game, The Phantom Pain, expertly. That said, there is some heavily controversial content here that would not suit children whatsoever. Heavily violent, emotional, and political, the subject matter is far too dense and complex for them. There is nothing explicitly sexual about the game, but I hear you can find an audio recording depicting rape in the game, though I have yet to find it. I highly recommend this game for adults, as it is completely worth the $20 digital purchase for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Kid, 12 years old May 20, 2014

A dark and wonderful stealth experience.

Let's get this out of the way. This game is dark, with implications of rape, torture, and bombs inside private parts. But most of this IS fortunately implied only, such as the body-bomb and rape. And most of the violence is done in T games as well. Shoot things. Have them explode. This isn't strange to many gamers. And, if you play the game right, there won't be much violence. The best scores are from pacifists. But the gameplay, the core mechanics, are so well done that it's easy to just ignore the inappropiate content. If a child enjoys stealth games, does not flinch at blood, and is a mature human, this game is a good gift.`

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Teen, 16 years old Written byalexman774 March 24, 2014

A downright brutal political commentary

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is the newest entry in the beloved MGS series. However GZ is the darkest one to date. It features several audio tapes where players will have to endure listening to brutal acts of violence including rape. We also see a young boy with nails through his feet to prevent him from walking. The conclusion just might be the most disturbing and cruel endings to any video game ever made. Hiding beneath the Brutal violence lies a brilliant commentary about political inactivity, Specifically guantanamo bay. While this game is brief clocking in at around 2-3 hours it is definitely worth it if you can handle the violence because it offers one of the finest narratives ever to be in a video game.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Teen, 14 years old Written byNitro_Python March 23, 2014

Common Sense's most ridiculous review yet

The game is just as violent as any other Metal Gear Game except for the fact that it's not. The only scene which parents should be concerned about is the scene where the bomb is being removed from the girls stomach.That is it. Apart from that, all the rubbish about holding up enemies isn't that bad. Yes, there is evidence of torture when you first meet the girl (Paz). The story is dark. Violence would be better at three. Sexual content five?! Are you joking!? If this guy thinks that one audio tape like that is deserving of a five for sexual content, he should not be rating anything, it might be slightly disturbing to some and is violent but a five? Hahah. NO. More like a three. As for language his description is accurate but a five is not deserved again, a three. The common snese review is overall bad and makes the game seem like a horrible wretched game. It is pretty dark but there is no way it deserved the perceptions that this game has been given by this reviewer.