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Metroid Prime: Remastered

Box for the physical copy of Metroid Prime: Remastered. Heroine Samus Aran's shiny suit, and connected weapon, are pictured here.
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A Unique, More Thoughtful First Person Shooter

I think that Metroid Prime is the best "Metroid" game. While the gameplay may not be as frenetic as other first person shooters, it's not really supposed to be. The first person perspective is supposed to make the game more immersive through the environments and atmosphere, rather than action or war. Still, it's good that they added the dual-stick controls found in modern shooters. The controls for this game on the Gamecube were very cumbersome. The atmosphere in this game is amazing. Talon IV is one of the best settings in any game ever. It's dripping with lore. Every area of the game has a unique and interesting twist to them. Another great area of the game is the graphics. I'll just say this right away, this is the best looking game on the Switch. Kind of makes sense actually. I think that the original Metroid Prime was the best looking game of the sixth generation of consoles. While both the Playstation 2 and the original Xbox may have been more powerful, the art style of Metroid Prime was just excellent. The game isn't without its flaws. Mainly, the fetch quest at the end for the chozo artifacts is VERY cumbersome. But the ending of the game is so cinematic that I don't mind the annoying quest needed to get there. Overall, an amazing piece of gaming history.
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