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Parent Written byMatt The Gamer November 8, 2009

Great for about 14-15+

I love this game myself. All adults that like racing games will. But this game is heavily focused on gang like behavior. Unlike the Need for Speed franchise for example, where there are only hints of gang like behavior. It presents a very "Fast and the Furious" type street racing scene. This game was made by Rockstar Games (who most notably created Grand Theft Auto) and therefore parents of younger kids should watch out. Another thing to watch out for is that this game is exceedingly difficult and may frustrate some kids (or adults... it makes me mad sometimes). Highlights of the game are car variety and car customization. You can build some awesome street machines or beautiful classic muscle cars (you should see my old Challenger in it). Overall... it's a great racing game. But, the messages it sends means it is not for younger kids.
Adult Written byEducated parent September 10, 2009

This game is great my 13 yearold son plays it and so do I we have conversations about the consequences of reckless driving and he has even begun to critisize some of my driving it will teach them good behavior on the road

These reviews say that language is a problem in this game but I have played the other ones to there not much better the third midnight club that came out a while back has some song lyrics that are kind of suggestive and 2 or 3 songs cuss but that's it so if u have a kid whose 12 or 13 or 14 just explain to them the consequences of reckless driving and gambling the explosions in this game would also help teach why u wouldn't drive recklessly if the explosions ever happened you would surely die but the fact that there is no gore is a major up I completely recommend thus game to anyone who is a fan of racing games and to any body who loves cars
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Educational value
Adult Written bysupertrooper September 5, 2009

Great game for tweens who enjoy racing games

I don't understand how this game can rated so high that classifies with other games where you can shoot or kill people. This is just a simple racing game that takes place on the streets. The fact that you can't hit pedestrians or barely destroy any of the "property" items makes it a harmless racing game. This game could be easily comparable to Burnout Paradise except that it focuses more on customization.
Adult Written byjazzmaster13 January 31, 2009

A fun, challenging racing game

This game isn't that bad, you just have to explain to your child about driving safely. You should also discuss with them about how you get right back into the game after a lethal accident, and how it differs from real life. There is some mild language in the game, but nothing too serious.
Parent of a 12 and 13 year old Written bytheeclecticwoman April 16, 2010

Fine for mature tweens and older

My kids enjoy playing this game mostly to win the races so they can win money to fix up their cars. That's my daughter's favorite thing to do...change her car. I cannot sit and watch it when they play mostly because I feel dizzy and nauseous. ;) But I also do not like that they tear up the city and evade police. I have told them many times this is unacceptable behavior in the real world and there are very real consequences. It desensitizes kids to traffic laws, so only mature tweens with good role models of how to actually drive and behave behind the wheel should be allowed to play this game (and any game like it).
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Too much violence
Too much swearing
Safety and privacy concerns
Adult Written byterrabrooke12 March 5, 2009