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Mini Mario & Friends Amiibo Challenge

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Would have kept playing if not for the obvious money-making scam

Yeah, see, this is the issue I have with all of Nintendo's 'free' E-shop games. (Except for the limited free offer of the Zelda Oracle games, but that was only a limited time offer) Every single one of these is a scam because in order to get the full experience with them, you have to spend even more money than if you had simply shelled out the 40+ dollars for a physical version with the exact same premise. Though at least with those 'free' Pokemon games, you didn't really need to spend money to completely enjoy them. You just needed the patience to wait another hour or so to get in some play time again. This, on the other hand, REQUIRES you to spend extra money to enjoy it. It's a shame, too, because of all these 'March of the Minis' type games, this does seem to be the most inventive, giving you other characters with their own unique talents to experiment with. Again, the only issue is that this game requires you to own at least one Amiibo based off of a certain character to keep playing it, and as someone who has no interest in those, this doesn't appeal to me at all. So yeah, great idea, but the obvious scam ruins it. Maybe if Nintendo decides to release a physical version that doesn't require you to buy the Amiibos to enjoy it, I would recommend this.

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