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age 8+

Great game on the Wii

I got the Wii version for my 8 year old son. The reviewer mentioned the controls being troublesome on the Xbox360 but they're a breeze with the Wii controller. The visuals of ancient China are very attractive. The enemies are comical and instead of dying, they turn back into cute animals. The levels aren't too challenging. I even got hooked on the game and finished it myself. It really is a safe and fun game for a young audience.
age 2+

Great game

Great game I recommend it HIGHLY. yes it has cartoon violence but it is very mild. No blood or gore no language. This game is great for anyone that knows violence isnt good . This gam is HIGHLY addictive and very fun for everyone. Violence issues are not a problem if ur child tried to pull a ninja flip off well then this game is not for then but if they know how to be mature about this stuff then this is for them. You and your kids will LOVE IT.
age 10+

Kick! Punch! "Mini, mini Ninjas"

Mini Ninjas is a very exciting game. You are a young ninja named Hiro. You must fight your way through the evil samurai minions and restore the balance of nature. I like how you can do your ninja moves. I also like how the evil samurai return to their original animal forms when you defeat them. If you have a Wii you may experience problems loading the sixth level. It took me maybe five minutes. But don't get me wrong Mini Ninjas is the best game I own so far.