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Adult Written bydarkay223 January 1, 2013

Fantastic Game

It is one of the best games for the wii there is. there is much violence but blood can be redused to almost nothing in the settings. the controls are a bit difficult to propperly master. the enviorment is beautifull in this game you can go to much of different parts of the world like a dessert, the tundra and even volcanos. the multi-player is better then the single player. its a good game for 12 and up. (btw theres a whole bunch of 10 year olds complaining thats it a bed game without any good arguments so dont listen to them)
Adult Written by11BK201 April 9, 2011

Great monster game!

I thuroughly enjoy this game. Some of the missions may be a little complicated for really young players but overal it is good for pretty much everyone. The point of the game is to either kill or capture various creatures so there is violence but the blood is very mild and not very well depicted. The violence is very mild and really isn't a problem. The only thing to really watch out for is when starting the game your main character doesn't wear much clothing (this includes both male and female characters). You quickly learn that more armor is better but you still spend plenty of time at the beginning without any armor. This being said, your characters still wear more than most people at the beach. My favorite part about the game is discovering new monsters and wandering around new environments. I love the fantastical world that Capcom has created. It's a great game to develope imagination.