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Parent reviews for Monster Hunter: World

Common Sense says

Fresh take on epic battle between man and beast.
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Parents say

age 10+
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age 12+
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Adult Written byRobert W. February 4, 2018

Good game but difficulty restricts is suitability

Even though the game is about hunting monster it never comes across as your typical safari type hunt(killing for sport or trophies) and on many occasions actively persuades you to capture for research. This theme is carried across the story. There is no gore at all and downed monster just fade away when the loot is collected. The only adult themes i have come across is the consumption of alcohol which makes the player visibly drunk, but this can only happen in one area which is not vital at all for the game.I feel this is fin for the age of 12 but as always online interaction always need to be monitored it is unrestricted.

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Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byJacob K February 12, 2018
It has mild violence and no swearing in the game, but if you play with certain people you might hear some swearing, i’d recommend this for 10 up
Parent Written byDaniel L. February 1, 2018

Good Game

It's a good game, I wouldn't mind my 11 year old son playing it. Quite violent apart from that it's an okay game.
Adult Written byDekalbner1 September 11, 2018

Difficult, but rewarding game

The Monster Hunter series of games has had something of a following for years among gamers who have looked for something more than your typical hack/slash games. They require a bit of patience and fore-thought, as well as some good observational skills. Success rarely comes from barging in with powerful items, but through observation and reactions that change based on the environment. Monster Hunter World (MHW) continues that tradition and ups the ante a bit while reworking some of the basic mechanics to make it far more accessible for the average gamer. Objectionable content is restricted mainly to a "Bar" area, where the gamer's avatar can consume alcohol and become visibly drunk. The game is virtually bloodless, and violence is restricted to the Animal world, either hunter against prey or predator against prey. The very premise of the game is that hunting the monsters allows us to better understand them... a principle of conservation that is reflected on how many hunters in the real world view their roles in regards to understanding and aiding the natural world. Armors in the game are constructed by the player with resources gathered through hunts, and while you can expect typical "Fantasy" female armors, the amount of "skin" is kept to a moderate level, midriffs and thigh exposed, but not excessively so. Overall, MHW is a game that can be enjoyed by most of your family, provided they are not bothered by seeing the "natural" world in action. The biggest drawback to the game, however, is not in the content but in the challenge. My own kids enjoy the world exploration and resource gathering aspects, but shy away from hunting any large creatures, as the difficulty of tackling even some of the first big predators can be daunting for even an experienced player.
Parent Written byJ C August 31, 2018

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Parent of a 4, 6, 7, and 7 year old Written byBenan P. April 20, 2018

free thinker

since this game does not indulge human on human violence i let my kids play this and i even play with them so i know what they are doing.

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Adult Written byCynthia K. November 13, 2018


How the flipping,flying heck did an otherwise respectable website rate a T-rated game 15+? this game is full of violence, bu there is no violence, and the fighting is all with large monsters, and none against humans.Also, the game offers more pacifistic options, for those who prefer to capture your target, and also lets you capture pets to play with back at your home. The game is somewhat difficult, but very rewarding for those who take the time to sink hours into this beautiful masterpiece.

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