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age 12+

Doesn't deserve to be rated Mature...

The game isn't nearly as violent as other people say. It should be rated teen. My 12 year old asked for me to buy it, I researched the game to see if it was appropriate or not. I was a little skeptical at first because of all of the killing, but you can turn off the blood, and you are killing bad guys. I bought the game for him. After he played for a while he was very exited. He really liked the flips and slo-motion. I tried it for a little bit, and found that it is really fun, but pretty hard for me.
age 12+

One of my favourite games

Mfp is a 2.5d action game with lots of shooting and explosions but you can turn off blood so blood is not a problem but when you shoot and explosive neer an enime there arms legs and head will fly everywhere but because it is 2d the camera is to far away to see it properly, sometimes enemies will say the s word but this is rare and it only comes up in a text box so all in all the game is fine for 12 and up I would recommend the pc version over the others but if you're on console it is still a great game

This title has:

Too much violence
age 12+

Simple concept with arcade style dumb fun.

Another game where you shoot stuff and it wants to be quirky for the novelty and attention....true. But It's just fun to kill time with. There's no weight to it or time limits, you can just go through at your own pace or try to bum rush each level with all the spaz you can muster to gain more style points. It's a nice open ended shooty game that seems made for leisure and simplicity of use. Slow motion and quickly interchangeable guns, some light platforming and puzzles, maybe a dream sequence or 2 where you get to fly like a helicopter. If being a ninja with guns and Matrix time bending / dodging sounds remotely fun, it's worth a try, especially if upon reading this it is still available with Xbox game pass and you have it. Then you don't have to fork out the expense just to try it. Some gripes: The weak feeling basic jump is a little off and doesn't have the "oompf" to go with the overall mobility. Getting a jump off the ground often feels like your man is a paper doll instead of a butt kicker. The weapons and enemies can start to feel a bit stale after awhile, although they try to keep the levels interesting, at times you feel the simplicity and limits set for the game and almost hope they turn out a sequel that fleshes out the concept more. I recommend this game, at least as a break from the seriousness and grinding of other shooters, especially the online FPS games with endless, repetative chore lists for gear. This game fills a good arcade niche of just wanting to hop on, kill some baddies with stylish simplicity, maybe have a chuckle and go about your day. Good enough for me!
age 9+

Okay for tweens. Some violence. No language. Fun game. I approve.

age 12+

Okay For Kids Who Think

Let me start off the review by saying that this game is not as violent as the website shapes it out to be. It does involve violence, but the blood can be turned off through settings. Even with blood on, you can tell it’s fake through the ketchup-like effects. Ignoring the violence, the game can provide a different way of thinking through its many puzzles and challenges it puts you through. I allowed my 14 year old child to play this game, as long as I watched the first few minutes. I think that this game is okay for any child who is a thinker. If your child is into first-person shoot ‘em ups, this game is most likely not for them. I think this game should be left to tweens and up.