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Teen, 16 years old Written byDangerRanger101 May 31, 2014

Fun game (should be called "My Hero Paramedic), could be better

As a person who has an interest in medicine, this game is satisfying. However, I feel that there a few details that could be improved on. The worst part of this game for me is driving the ambulance because of the controlls. Rather than using the control pad, you use the stylus to weave the ambulance through traffic. This caused me to crash it many times and made it difficult for me to get a gold medal. Also, depending on how much time or skill you have, the game can be very short and there isn't really much of a story until near the end of the game. However the game is fun despite these flaws although the things it has you do seem more like that of a paramedic rather than a doctor. The controls for the medical procedures while not exactly realistic, are efficent. Most of them are done with the stylus which leads to fairly simple gameplay. But parents, make no mistake, this is not a game or everyone. The graphics aren't too realistic but they won't do any good for the squeamish. Also, players can lose but they get a chance to do it over. But the thought of failing to save a patient can be upsetting to some kids. But if they can take it, kids will enjoy this game. I would highly reccommend this to people with an interest in medicine.
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