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Teen, 13 years old Written byflutterbyflowers October 31, 2011

Fun game!

This was a very fun Nancy Drew game. It was relatively easy to play, even if the new interface might be a little challenging for those used to the old one. There is some violence, since Nancy must disarm a bomb (a paint bomb, but still) and she can die by mixing up chemicals wrongly and causing an explosion and by dying in the final fight in the end game. There is some physical fighting, thought of course there is no blood or gore, etc. Great role models, and fun play!
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Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence
Teen, 13 years old Written byDangerRanger101 July 26, 2011

Some questionable areas, but still a fine game

Minett's tantrums can get a bit scary and intese, upon entering the game you hear her screaming and you see a potted plant being thrown.Also *spoiler alert* in the end when you have to fight Minett her moves can be a bit violent and you can lose if you meter goes down too low and when you win Minett falls to the ground and is on her hands and knees before she passes out. But other that that, there isn't much concern except for the fact that the puzzles can get tough and some kids may find the story between Minett and Dieter a little intense (like me). An example of a hard puzzle is the one where you have to make tea for Minett, which is probably the worst. Anyway, the instructions don't make much sense and aren't very clear. Another puzzle that is a little tricky is where you're baking cookies, some people have had some trouble getting the teaspoon of vanilla because you have to click at the right time.One violent puzzle is when you're making prints (i'm surprised this game is rated E) when you turn out the lights and if you click one a chemical bottle, it causes an explosion so if your struggling flush the toilet in their 10 times and than you'll get an easter egg and the puzzle wiil be done. But, one puzzle that's slightly easier is when you creating outfits for the summer, cruise, and fall lines. Another violence issue is that Nancy can drown or get caught in the fan when scuba diving. Also when you get into the Dodo box you see some of the threatening letters for Minett and they can get a bit creepy. But one thing I like is how you can have two endings. If you get Hether McKay (Minett's other assistant) fired than let's just say it's a bad ending. But if you don't get her fired than it's a good ending. One last thing, the bomb you have to diffuse is only a paint bomb so it isn't too disturbing.
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Great role models
Too much violence
Teen, 14 years old Written bybibliophile April 9, 2008


I love the Nancy Drew games. They really stump me, and they are free of sex, violence, and swear words (by violence, I mean blood, gore, battles, and such). They are very entertaining and will last for hours. I highly recommend these games. They are educational, as well, because you really have to think and use logic.
Teen, 14 years old Written byjenn_hawks April 9, 2008

Great, fun, and FAB!

This is a really fun game. It was not one of Nancy Drews best but it is a realy fun game for girls (or guys i guess) of any age. I started playing them when i was 6 and i thought they were realy fun then too. This is Nancys second time going out of the country first in "Curse of Blackmoor Mannor" she goes to the UK and in this one she goes to Paris. In her latest one she goes to Canada. I recomend this to all girls with a sense of adventure. :^)
Kid, 11 years old May 25, 2010

awesome game

kind of scary but nancy drew is a winner
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Too much violence
Kid, 11 years old January 7, 2010

my favorite nancy drew game!

Kid, 11 years old June 29, 2009

great for boys and girls!

I think this game's amazing and now I'm addicted to them. On one note when I read the review, It says there's a bomb. it's actually a paint bomb, which doesn't cause death, just getting fired. The games are difficult but not impossible, and this one's a star in the series!
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Educational value
Teen, 17 years old Written bygogirl280 April 9, 2008
this is a very good game and is completely different than the other games in the series. for the first time, it is located outside of the US and you can go to more places.
Teen, 13 years old Written bywatermeloncrush July 5, 2009

Great game!

The graphics were excellent. Although the storyline was very well done, some plot points were a bit confusing and unrealistic (especially the paint bomb puzzle, which is actually remotely related to the game). There were some minor glitches, but they're forgivable. (When you knock on the photo-developing room in Deiter's office, after you've finished with the prints, you'll hear his voice coming from inside even if he's already working at his desk.) But all in all, Danger by Design is a very fun, challenging game. Lots of adventure and puzzles. And also a lot of thinking involved. I had a great time playing this game with my friends.