Parent reviews for NBA Live '07

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Common Sense says

age 8+

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Parents say

not rated for age

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Kids say

age 13+

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not rated for age
this game sucks
not rated for age

you said it

yes it does suck definitely dont get it
not rated for age

Great fun

Language: no bad words to worry about like you su-k, shut up, a--, you stink, but maybe some trash talk like miss, boo, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, brick ect. all minor Violence: some bumping no blood gore just sports like bumping but players can get knocked to the ground illegal fouls little kids might think it's funny NBA might even do minimal unsportsmanlike contact but if your kid is over 6 (7+) it should not at all be an issue but Violence could make kids think it's funny or do bump people or in a real game do unnessessary contact but overall the violence is pretty minor definatly if the right age Sexual Content: cheerleaders may be hardly dressed (no nudity at all) just bra's and pants