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age 4+

Long live the NHL!

This is the best hockey game I have played yet. Way better than the 2K ones! As for the fighting it's part of hockey, most kids don't punch people in the heads after playing NHL 11, but if you are that concerned, you do have to press a button to engage fights. But I wouldnt worry much anyway.
age 8+

Great Game!

Great game. I play it ALL the time on my Xbox. I love it and it has great graphics. It's kinda hard for littler kids because of all the controls.
age 5+

If your kid likes hockey he'll see fights on tv so this isn't any worse and for online don't get them a mic and they can't talk and playing someone with no talk is like playing the com
age 8+

Great game

Very good game, it's easy to pick up and fun to play. It's not too hard as a game and obviously you can turn up the difficulty if you need more of a challenge. It's a pretty good upgrade from the last game, the checks seem harder, and there aren't nearly as many glitches. No pucks magically finding their way through 5 defenders and a goalie into the net, no goalies blocking the wrong way. Be a Pro mode has also been made more realistic, and the online is still fun. There isn't any reason this can't be accessed by anyone 8 years old or older, as there is no gore, and though violence is typical hockey.