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No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise

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age 16+

Over the top,gory madness returns.

I have been playing over 326 hours of this(seen from Xbox) for the past 6 weeks and even my mom and dad agrees its too much but they still let me play Lol.But I am not a sociopath.Im not the least bit violent.Im not crazy about gore or blood.This game has not affected me one bit.Why?I know it's just a game.Thats what you must explain to your kids.Its a game.I let my 10 y/o brother play this and he's not affected too.I know if I try to attempt this kind of stuff in real life I'll be in prison.This game is extremely cheesy and campy,so most kids will know its fake.This is probably one of the bloodiest games ever made,aside from Madworld or Mortal Kombat or Soldier of Fortune.Still,just to be safe,extremely mature above 16s only.

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