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Deep arcade-like shooter has lots of cartoonish violence.
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age 10+
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age 10+
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Kid, 11 years old October 21, 2016

Hard, cartoonishly violent game satisfies

I play some hard games. Mirror's Edge, Portal 2, Undertale (the bullet hell can be difficult) and this. But I have invested 50 hours and have gotten to the throne room twice. Only twice. Seven levels, each with three in it, 7 times 3 is 21 plus the four throne room levels is 25. 25 levels and I've only gotten to the 22nd in 50 hours. This game is really hard. Crystal is good for starters though, and once you unlock her Chicken is excellent. But the age. Now if this was realistic (still top-down) it would get T easily. It's E10 because of its cartoony graphics, which I think fits the bill very well. It's rated so for Fantasy Violence (if it was realistic and a first-person shooter, it would get M so quickly for Intense Violence but if it stayed top down and was realistic it would be Violence) Mild Blood (Yeah some red pixels and some green ones occasionally. WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT) and Mild Language. I've played my 50 hours and I heard hell a couple times. It's also in the names of the levels (Hell is the name of one level, along with things like Fish Can Roll and Family and such and that's only where it's ever heard) It's overall appropriate if you let your kid play E10 games. Although you wouldn't be here if you did. But the PS Vita version I believe is T, but has the same content....? I don't know. But 10 and up is fine. WARNING: You will be spamming left mouse click a ton, which is fire. There are a ton of enemies in each level, and you must kill all of them, so the violence is very frequent.

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Violence & scariness