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Parent reviews for Okami HD

Common Sense says

Stunning adventure feels like an art painting come to life.
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Parents say

age 12+
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Kids say

age 11+
Based on 15 reviews
Adult Written byVohaul October 26, 2019

A great-looking Zelda-like title

This game plays just like Zelda but is themed like Ancient Japan. Note that there are some mildly sexual elements and a bit of alcohol, so I would recommend waiting until age 13 before introducing the game.
Adult Written bysouthparkfan14 January 30, 2011

Mediocore Gameplay

was pretty good at first but then the combat started getting repetitive so i quit and sold it at gamestop and traded it for tales of abyss
Adult Written byAndromeda July 21, 2009

Beautiful and fun

Okami is one of my favorite games of all time. You play Amaterasu, a goddess in the form of a wolf. The world has been destroyed by an evil monster, and your job is to restore life to the world and defeat the monster (and some other monsters who happen along later). You accomplish this by traveling around and unlocking puzzles with your celestial brush, which allows you to paint your way to a goal. You will fight enemies with a combination of upgradable weapons, power-ups, and celestial brush. Some of the brush strokes are tricky at first, but it doesn't take long to get the hang of them. There are numerous mini-games, too. In this respect, Okami has been likened to some of the Legend of Zelda games. The graphics are absolutely beautiful, and some of the effects are breathtaking. I enjoyed the music, for the most part. Many of the characters may seem annoying at first (especially since their voices are gibberish), but they grow on you. The gameplay is fun, though it can get repetitive (it gets a lot more fun once you unlock the fire brushstroke). Many enemy types are recycled, including the bosses. Power-ups are plentiful, so you will rarely die, yet when I played I still felt there was sufficient challenge and satisfaction from a battle well fought or a puzzle finally unlocked. Battles are pitched, so in many cases you can avoid them or seek them out as needed. There is a lot of land to traverse, but your character Amaterasu can run very fast at top speed (with flowers springing up in her wake), and there are numerous portals you can unlock to warp from place to place. I set the age at ten because it may be too difficult for younger players, and there is some very mild sexual innuendo and scatological humor. There is a lot of fighting, and a lot of enemies are sliced in two. Blood is minimal, usually limited to highly stylized cutscenes. If your children are used to bloodless cartoons and/or fairly young they may find it off putting. Despite the violence, I recommend this game as an alternative to the usual fare. In Okami the player will derive pleasure and satisfaction from restoring the world rather than destroying it. I felt good after playing Okami. If you are considering this game for younger kids, I recommend renting it and either playing it yourself, or watching another gamer play so you can see for yourself if it's appropriate for your children.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byhydro April 9, 2008
Adult Written byPiano_Cat5 April 9, 2008
Adult Written byNintendofan April 9, 2008

A work of Art!

Very few times can a game be considered a work of art, but this is one of those times. The game is simply beautiful, colorful, and artistic. It is also very educational about japanese culture/mythology and the shinto religion. The violence is very tame, and what would you expect from a Zelda game. There are a few inenuendos, but none of them are very graphic (most of them are the kind of jokes or dialogue you would expect in a PG movie)There is one scene where according to a japanese ceremony a beautiful woman bathes in a lake, but the water covers her and all the player sees is a silohette of her form. Sake (a japanese alcoholic beverage) is featured in several aspects of the game, but usually just as a power-up. Over-all I would say any kids 12 and up should have a lot of fun with this game, and mom and dad may try to steal the controller on this one because it is pretty fun!
Adult Written byRTarsier April 9, 2008