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Teen, 14 years old Written byFoxlover March 20, 2012

Amazing game!

This game will have you smiling, laughing and crying. The characters are easy to connect to, with the adorable wolf god puppy Chibiterasu, also known as Chibi, Mutt, Squiddy, Pooch, Dude, Boy, or Porkchop, as the playable character. The game is based on fighting, but doesn't involve blood or gore, except the blood on the knives carried by the second boss. This game is a little easier than the previous game, Okami, but is still fun to play. There is some occasional very minor language, but no real swear words, and they are very hard to notice. The artwork is beautiful just like the previous game, the music will make you want to buy the soundtrack, and the only thing I would change is to make it longer!
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Teen, 13 years old Written bySweetDisposition June 3, 2011

Solid game, however Okami on the PS2/Wii is better.

Let me start off by saying that if you're new to the Okami series, I'd say that Okami is better. The story and some references in Okamiden make more sense having played the original. However, if the gamer is younger, I'd go with Okamiden first. It is far easier than Okami, but both are easy games. Chibi travels with many partners throughout the game, and there is a running gag; whenever Chibi meets a new partner he or she will give Chibi a nickname which will cause Chibi to give them a look of shock and then fall to sad acceptance. My biggest concern for parents in this game is the occasional use of words such as sucks, crap, etc. Also, some parents may not enjoy Kurrow's infatuation with a scholar. Other than that and the occasional reference to sake, the game is pretty much clean. I do think Okami's plot, graphics (understandably), and overall gameplay is better than Okamiden, but both are very good. Okamiden is a worthy portable successor to the amazing first game, and I'm happy to have Okami on the go. ^.^
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Too much swearing
Kid, 10 years old July 16, 2011

Just like Zelda except easier.

Content: There is violence in this game, but not as bad as Okami. The only things that may make this innapropiate for younger tweens is the fact that you learn a move called power slash which can slice and enemy in half. The second boss holds bloody knives. Words like sucks and screwed are used, but its nothing your kid probably hears one the playground. The game allows younger gamers to get into the adventure genre with only the ocassional challenging puzzle or boss. There is a sad death of a beloved character at the end that had ME sniffling too.The game is overall okay for kids as young as NINE. Is it worth the money: Okamiden has a decent length, but it's nothing to marvel at. It took me around 20 hours to beat it,but some people beat it in less that a dozen and a half hours! The cinematics especially the beginning and ending ones can be painfully long too.Other than that the game is great. It has great graphics, gameplay, and the "brush skills" are very responsive. Okamiden is perfect for younger and/or casual gamers, but the more hardcore may want to sit this one out. Overall: 8.9/10
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