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Adult Written bycallofduty5 June 2, 2010

Operation Flashpoint 2

Pretty realistic FPS game however as iam a flashpoint veteran it was pretty easy and cool. There is some profanity but not so repeatful and violence uhmmm yea there is very tiny amount of gore, not really much. Blood mainly. Strongest words are f--k and s--t. game is perfect for 15+ not younger cause its difficulty and content.
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Adult Written byFreedomFromCens... October 16, 2009

Common Sense Media is Biased twoards Video Games (Read for details)

Tell me how a game with very little gore and nothing but some blood splatters can get a NO KIDS rating, when a movie like Zombieland, which is filled with gross-out gore and blood, GET A 16+??? Although I'm pretty sure most of you recognized this site's ratings as inaccurate after looking through their past ratings for games. Anyways, onto the game before the government police comes to my door to arrest me for playing games labeled as "no kids", since that's the kind of society they seem to be promoting. Operation Flashpoint 2 is overall enjoyable, however the AI does have some buggy issues. Its not the most accurate "military simulator" (I would recommend ARMA 2 for a military simulator) but it has a good mix of stealth and action, depending on your style of play. For the PC, you can edit missions and make your own, which I also found to be very enjoyable. I would recommend this game for +13 and up, and for those who enjoy games like ARMA or Operation Flashpoint (the original).
Adult Written byTom_Gamer_Tom June 22, 2010

Violent, Hard and Extremely Realistic

You can tell here they have tried to make this as realistic and tricky as possible. This is why its very violent. You can shoot, Stab and run over anyone on the battlefield. There is a lot of blood while you are shooting people. Especially in Close range combat. Its not easy to use because Its so hard. You die after 1 or 2 shots. There is a bit of gore. Just a bit. The language is not consistent but there is some serious language there. Overall its very hard and gory.
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Too much violence
Too much swearing