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age 8+

Persona 4 Arena

Wow I'm surprised this wasn't given another "Not For Kids" rating like Persona 4 Golden was which it shouldn't have been given. Pretty good game. Don't remember any cussing or anything else bad in it so I have no idea where people are getting that from.
age 16+

Persuing the truth and accepting yourself

This game is one of the best fighting games that I have seen in awhile. It is very rare to find a game of this genre that is easy to learn how to play and offers a well developed story (Story modes in fighting games tend to be under developed). Acting as a sequel to the Persona 4, the story is about the characters of that game discovering that the "Midnight Channel," a mysterious program that was the cause of the murder cases in the previous game has returned. When they enter the TV world to investigate, they are seperated and are forced to fight each other in a fighting tournament but a mysterious entity. This is a fighting game, the moral of the overall game seems to be of how fighting is wrong and that is important to believe in your friends. Another theme brought over from the previous title is the importance of accepting your inner self, no matter how embarrasing or upsetting it is and that it is a struggle you must live with your entire life. Folks who enjoy the Persona series will be happy to know that a few characters from Persona 3 such as Aigis, Akihiko and Kirijo and Elizabeth are playable characters in this game. Story wise, this title seems to be building to a bigger story that may lead to the next big Persona game. With a amazing story, great battle animation and fun gameplay, Persona 4 Arena is a great game for both fans of the franchise and fighting game pros.

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