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Petz Horseshoe Ranch

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love it so fun love horses
age 9+

Great game, I have 2 other versions

There is a dog version, cat version, monkey version, and of course, HORSE version. I have the monkeys and dogs. You do see them mate, but it isn't a serious sexual situation. But, you see them pounce on each other (humping), and look each other in the eyes and have a love connection. This is the way you try for a baby. Trying for a baby usually takes 30 minutes to an hour. You have to go through 4 stages to have one. Your pets have to be grown up to try for a baby, too. And, you don't know what the baby's gender, looks or personality will be, so don't complain if you wanted a girl and got a boy or something. when you first start the game, you half to choose a pet, then go to the park and try for a baby, and once you do that 5 times, wait for a bit, and then you will unlock the adoption center when you can get your OWN pets, and do what you want. It may be frustrating, because you have to take on FULL responsibility, and don't forget to SAVE YOUR WORK! Or esle you might have to start all over again for trying a baby. I love these games though, but not for young ones.