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Plague Inc: Evolved

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You spread a virus and kill People 2 years and up!

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Kind of disappointing

My friend and I were looking for some Mac-compatible Steam games, and came across this. From the trailer it looked pretty cool, and we'd saved up enough money for it. For $15, this game is not worth it. Beyond the interesting concept and pleasant visuals is some initially fun gameplay that gets boring, fast. After going through several games of this we kind of abandoned it. And of course, right after we'd frankly wasted 20 bucks on the thing it went on sale for $5--which is more reasonable, but still overpriced. The game is about designing and upgrading a virus, the ultimate goal being to wipe out all of humanity; and while nothing is shown (it all takes place on a simulated map, with bars showing your statistics) this concept may be a little too heavy for younger players. Don't bother, though, really.