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Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition

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age 14+

Masterpiece with mature content

This is one of the best role-playing games ever made, with an intriguing, original fantasy setting and fairly complex characters and themes. It's not really for kids though. Gameplay is quite complex; in terms of content, there is a lot of mature, potentially disturbing stuff. Although the game subtly encourages a benevolent run with emphasis on wisdom and talking your way out of things, the player himself can perform some really nasty deeds, like betraying his companions in very cruel ways. Recommended age: 14+.
age 14+


More interactive novel than game, but it works and reads great. The EE also irons out the clunky combat and visual bumps. If you enjoy Pillars of Eternity or Tyranny you should check this out if you havent already. Some environments contain gruesome imagery such as tables with mutilated bodies on them, but the worst is text descriptions (quite vividly ) detailing acts of self mutilation, torture, and other violent material. Primitive graphics and zoomed out view (that can be zoomed in) reduces impact.