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Revisit the original world of Pokémon.
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Adult Written byRarityfan October 1, 2018

5 star worth games

It is Pokemon, not much more needs to be told. Of course a lot of battles and beautiful trainer girls. Beside battles there are endless amount of World exploring, so many classic themes just to have in the background, side quests and much more that I could go on for days.

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Adult Written byHolly R. November 4, 2017

Nice GBA Remake of Old Pokemon Game

It was a pretty good game. To the one person who claims that the newer games are Digimon rip-offs I would like to say that the two series are totally different. Yes generation 2 has eggs and Digimon always had "Digi-eggs but Digimon is based off of keychain "Digi-Pets" and Tamagotchi pets. Pokemon is simply a game series with an anime and some spin offs. And yes Pokemon DID rip off some characters like Ledyba and Tentamon and the fact that mega evolution is similar to Digivolving in the anime but the game mechanics are totally different if you go by the RPG titles. And I like both series of course and even Yo-Kai Watch and Monster Rancher because I consider monster training a genre of it's own.
Adult Written byDert F. August 17, 2017
It's was the first Pokemon game that I've ever played and I really loved it!

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Parent of a 6-year-old Written bywalrusgumbo March 26, 2015

It's amazing how much you remember from the old days.

I played Pokémon red and blue back when I was in Middle School. When my daughter came home from school talking about Pikachu, I gifted her an old copy of LeafGreen I purchased when I was just out of high school (I really have no idea *where* I got it) and a paleolithic Gameboy Advance, and she was hooked.

My daughter and I can bond a little bit over Pokémon, even as old as I am now. The game isn't *exactly* the same as Red and Blue, some ways are good, some ways disappoint me a little. I definitely like the option for my daughter to play a girl character.

As a remake, it has what is in my mind the best parts of the entire franchise: Lavender Town. Kids aren't generally exposed to death related themes at very young ages, or if they are, they've had their edge taken off. As simple as it is, Lavender Town depicts people grieving. It's a bit of a breath of fresh air in our family thanks to a series of unfortunate events earlier in the year. Speaking of the entire Pokémon Franchise, it's the game for kids who always wanted to go on an adventure with their pets.

Looking back and having grown up with Pokémon though, it is amazing just how complicated a game it is. Granted, most casual players aren't going to comprehend effort values or need to know how to calculate catch rates, there is still quite a bit to it. There are hundreds of moves, some of which don't do what they sound like they do. Type advantage likewise can confuse young minds (though the TV show helps).

For her, it's a fun game. For me, it's a giant nostalgia bomb. Either way, I like this game a whole lot.

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Adult Written byThat-oneweirdguy 24 July 17, 2012


This (LeafGreen) was my first pokemon game, and I love it. It's entirely appropriate for kids, as long as you make sure they understand the difference between real and fiction. A great starter game.

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Violence & scariness
Parent of a 13-year-old Written bychrrr October 11, 2009
Adult Written bydpl April 9, 2008

OK with time limits

This game is OK, if you set some time limits on the kids play. Perhaps the greatest problem is the time lost to the game from activities with other people/activities which require more motion.
Adult Written bykelblefan April 9, 2008

good stuff

this teaches children to be resourcceful and to use what they have availabe. it also lets them practice logical thinking by giving hints on where the player should go next to go farther along in the game, and how to get past obsticals in an efficient and effective way. though it has animal against animal violence, it has no blood or gore that is prevelent in most best sellers today.