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Great for builders!

I love building and playing with the bridges. It is really fun and has no gore/death involved. Good for young builders. The only problem is real life gravity in the game that could be hard for kids too young, so I say this game is best for 9yr olds.
age 12+

Great fun if you understand the mechanics but can be frustrating if you don't

When the original Poly Bridge came out, I was hooked. This simple bridge-building game packed complexity and helped me learn much about engineering and problem-solving. With Poly Bridge 2 coming out recently, I feel it's an even better game than the first, despite its unfinished state. The game's premise is deceptively simple: build bridges to get cars across gaps. However, the physics and stress systems ingame are complex, with it requiring more than just a road and a couple wood supports to build them. An additional challenge the game provides is to get your bridges below the given budget and to make sure it doesn't break. As you progress, you build jumps across lakes, dodge planes and boats with hydraulics, and hold up a monster truck rally with a tight budget. There's something about Poly Bridge 2 that's relaxing - it's fun to build bridges in this game, and when you fail, it never feels like it's the game's fault. One important thing to note is Poly Bridge 2's difficulty. This game is quite challenging, even if you've played the first game. And if you haven't... safe to say, there's quite a large learning curve in store for you. Poly Bridge gets hard fast, and that's not even mentioning the hard mode each level gets after 100%ing the main game. Suddenly, you have to re-engineer each of your earlier bridges with additional constraints you didn't imagine the first time through. Finding out your own solution to these feels great! Overall, this game is tough, but I feel it's part of the charm. Poly Bridge 2 helps you to learn how to become an engineer and to apply feedback from your failed attempts in a no-stress environment.