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Good, fun, but scary and brutal.

Okay, this game, at times is brutal. We should get that out of the way first so then we can get to the less cary you. Also you should decide what age is appropriate to play this game. Brutality: So, Ch1, has blood splatters on the wall, and that is really the worst of it, beside Huggy Wuggy (A 17 foot tall , blue furred, lanky monster type toy) hitting his head on the railing as he falls far below you. When he hits his head a small blood splatter can be seen, but no gushing blood. Ch2, Mommy long legs (A pink, more human representing toy, that looks nothing like a human still. Has long stretchy arms and legs) Get grinded up in a grinder, she screams until the voice box is broken and at that time a small blood splatter is shown. Scare factor: This game, at times is pretty horrifying. Ch1 being scary, while Ch2 being horrifying at best. Long dark hallways, creepy music (Sometimes nothing but almost silent ambience), Intense Chase sequences through dark corridors, vents, hallways, etc. The music going along with the Chase sequences, although loud, is actually used to serve them and it works nicely in contrast to the atmosphere the game seemingly masters. The monsters are not that scary, but are definitely creepy. Like I said, the atmosphere is mastered in this game, which is what makes everything as scary as it is. Difficulty: Ch1 takes most people under an 30 minutes to complete, it is short and sweet, but definitely worth while, the challenges aren´t too difficult, but are definitely ¨Explore to understand¨ type puzzles, which is common. Ch2, takes this Idea, and makes it harder in every way, but it is a good thing this time around since it makes the game more fun. Ch2 is for most player 2 hours or less, significantly longer than the first, and better. The Chase sequences are hard in both chapters but it is much harder in the 2nd chapter. Price: Ch1 is a mere $5, while Ch2 is $10. But for 30 minutes, 5 bucks is cheep, and for 2 hours 10 bucks is even cheeper. That is $15 for 2:30 minutes of a game, if not longer because of how hard it can be. Overall thoughts: It is a good, scary, brutal, but definitely a bang for your buck game. Although I personally would not recommend for any ages under 13, It is your desicion on what age you think this game is appropriate for. Thank you for reading take care. (Expect updates every 4-7 months whenever a new chapter releases. Age rating, and catagories will be updated as well. Along with the star count if the quality improves, or downgrades).
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age 7+

Parents need to take a chill pill and stop being so strict

Ok listen parents Poppy Playtime..."IS A THRILLER GAME FOR KIDS," ok there is nothing harmful if it is "A THRILLER GAME FOR KIDS", so you strict parents need to take a chill pill and stop treating your kids like there a new born baby ok, the more they get older the more higher age rating video game/tvshow/movie ther going to play/watch. So a good age for Poppy Playtime would be age 7 and up.

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age 8+

good entry horror game if kids enjoy horror

though difficult the game mainly consists of jumpscares with little violance or gore other than a couple envroment splatters. if thye enjoy horror this is a good entry game into the genra.
age 14+

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Too much violence