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age 8+

"[A game]that [is] possible to play, but nobody in their right mind would." AVGN

Even though, the villains are designed awesome and they have very cool powers, but the soundtrack is damn awful and the plot is very short. The music is very repetitive! There are 2 music soundtracks. One for the MENU and the second for the battle. Why the creators have not put a single soundtrack on a villain, just like with the Street fighter series and more. The music was so repetitive, that it got on my nerves after a while. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING WHEN THEY WERE MAKING THIS GAME?! DID THEY RUSH IT OR SOMETHING? (I may never know) The plot itself, despite having a concept that is great on paper, is unbelievably short. To say the entire plot in a nutshell, some big bad guy (I forgot his name, oh well) is trying to take over the world and you inherit powers from some other guy who tried to stop him. In the end, after defeating about 10 of his henchmen , you come to the ultimate showdown between you and the enemy. After exactly 2 battles (I mean 2 attempts), you manage to defeat him. The game literally ends with "The end?", which means that there can be more powerful enemies to counter. It is obvious that it is not coming back with a sequel. BONUS: When I was buying this game, I thought it would be an RPG, judging by its cover. But to my avail, it was not. From this game, the lesson that I have learned, was that you should not trust Advertisements, trust reviews. A quote from a book sums this all up: "Don't judge a book by its cover!", which means that it is not enough to learn something if you look at something from the outside, you should look at it from the inside as well

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this is great! really fun game. i don't have it but i played it at my friend's house

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