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age 18+

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age 14+

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age 13+

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age 13+

Good for teens not for most under teen

I play it rarely it has bad language but you can switch it the language of, also the puzzels are are good like portal, my conscernce is not the violence but the half naked women I havent completed it so I dont know if I have seen it or not

This title has:

Educational value
age 12+

Simplistic and boring, dont waste your money on this game.

This is one of my least favorite games in my Xbox360 collection. The game is boring, the plot isn't thought out very well and the puzzles are no better than an ordinary jigsawl puzzle. If your looking for a fun action adventure game with plenty of puzzles, look at bioshock, though I do recomend bioshock for people under the age 14-13 at least. Please do not waste your money on prey!

This title has:

Too much violence
not rated for age

fun, but not quite up to the hype

the invention was good, like walking through portals in boxes, and mini worlds, but the action wasn't as frenzied as it could be because whenever you die you can just shoot a few spirits in the spirit realm and come back to life. the story is good, especially near the end, as was the integration of Tommy's coming to terms with his being Native American and not wanting to stay on the reservation. Content wise, it's pretty bloody, and there a good amount of f-bombs, even in the beginning. sexual content amounts to one brief scene of partial nudity, and that's basically it. It's definitely worth buying, but I'm still going to be playing older 360 games like call of duty 2 online over this. never gets old!
not rated for age

Adults can enjoy.

Or rather, with your permission, kids. Why? Cause with all those exciting elements like walking on walls, portals, and spirit walk, you are required to think more. Otherwise, kids need to beware. But you can learn some good facts about Cherokee.