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Challenging, Realistic and Intense Racing Simulator

Project CARS is technically the spiritual successor to the NFS: SHIFT games. It's a realistic driving simulator, that can be a bit too tough for casual players. Vehicular violence is occasional, but can be really violent. Cars have very realistic damage models. Some car crashes can result in multiple cars getting involved in the damage. Mildly intense. Go-karts can also crash in violent ways, but drivers aren't seen injured.

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age 10+

A Project CARS review

As a (frankly young) racing enthusiast, I can tell you that if you are into racing games, this game can get quite frustrating at times. If there is a certain racing simulator you often play, this game will feel very different and has fairly janky physics. When you hit other cars, your car will feel like a balloon bouncing around. The steering is weird, and the racing line assist doesn't change depending on what car you choose. On the other hand, this game has incredible graphics. Cars are very detailed, and the weather looks very pretty. If you want to try out racing for the first time and want to find out if you are into racing, this game could do the job, as this is the game that started my interest in racing. However, if you are experienced in racing, and have put many hours into driving virtual cars, you might want to avoid this game.
age 15+

Amazing graphics but hard steer controls

the game overall is the best in stores but the steering is a problem. MUST BE VERY EXPERIENCED DRIVER!!