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pretty good

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age 10+

Amazing game for beginners !!!!

This game is pretty good for guys who have just gotten into FPS gaming. Helps to practice STEALTH,COMBAT,CLOSE COMBAT which is vital for a person who plays FPS games.....

This title has:

Too much violence
not rated for age


It is action packed. There is a lot of dying in it. There really isn't any educational value. Its hard at first, figuring out the uses of the guns.
not rated for age

futuristic first person shooter

This game is probably the best first-person shooter on the PS2. You play as this guy who almost dies in a future war and is made better buy these super human power things. you can slow time, create a shield around you, zap enemys with electricity, and turn invisible. language isnt a problem, but the violence kind of is. there is blood when you shoot people. its just a little cloud of it that disapears. thats the only bad part of the game. The weapons are awsome. they look all futuristic. Probably dont buy, but RENT IT FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!
not rated for age

Good stuff.

Project: Snowblind is a fantastic shooter. The graphics are alright, but it's the gameplay that sells it. With an array of at least 15 weapons and gadgets, the possibilities really test your imagination. There is no blood and gore in this game, but there is constant shooting, and you can punch someone about ten feet from where they were standing with your bio-enhanced arms. When I played through the game, I caught only one mild sexual reference (There might be more programmed into the game, as some of the lines only appear by talking to different characters.) during the first level. A Coalition soldier (one of the good guys) was wondering aloud if he could "do the deed" once he had the operation done. (The operation, of course, being the bio-enhancement of First Lieutenant Nathan Frost, who was surgically repaired after an explosion on the battlefield.) Drugs and alcohol are nonexistent, and there's no commercialism except for the names of stores on buildings- but the game is set in 2065, so it's not like Coke and stuff. All in all, this is a really fun game and okay for around ages 11+.
not rated for age