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Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition

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age 7+

Different from Candy Crush and Bejewled.

This two games in one collection is great! They are match-three games where you drag orbs around on the bottom screen. BUT! Instead of just two icons swapping places, as you drag an orb around, every orb in its path moves, too. It actually involves strategy, making your own combos and such to fight against enemy monsters. It gives you as much time as you like to figure out the best path to swipe an orb in. You can NOT play this mindlessly and win much. You can collect, level up, and evolve monsters in both versions, and make a team for any situation, like in Pokemon. I have gotten pretty attached to some of my monsters in both games. There are some differences between the two. Puzzle & Dragons Z has side quests, a hub world to explore, and an actual story about saving the world. The Mario version is more simple, with a Mario map to go from level to level, and the "Bowser kidnaps Peach so Mario and Luigi must save her" story. Also, Z has over 250 monsters to find, while Super Mario Bros. Editon has just over 80, and they are all Mario enemies. I like both games equally. If you are a parent, and want to teach strategy to your child, buy them this. If you are a child, and you are interested in strategy, bug your parents until they get it for you. This two game collection is downloadable as well as at the store.

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