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Everything above is true but that doesn't tell the full story

Does this game have violence? Yes. Does this game have blood? Yes. Does this game have dismembered bits of body? Yes. But that doesn't tell the full story. For the sake of full disclosure I haven't finished the game or even made it through half the base campaign but I have spent several hours on this game so I feel qualified to talk about my experience with the game. I said before and so did the game overview that there's a fair bit of blood in almost every encounter but what isn't said is that that blood looks like a particle effect straight out of Minecraft. I said there is violence and that is true also but again, there's a big difference between loading up something like Call of Duty and shooting at a perfectly modelled and crafted person who is made to look completely realistic and loading up quake to shoot at something that looks a lot like something you would expect to see in Minecraft. The dismemberment in this game is a similar story, yes it exists and should be taken into account but I find it hard to take incredibly seriously when it looks like a papier mache that someone made in their art class and 9 times out of 10 it's gone before long anyway. I did give this game a 13 rating though so why's that? First off, I don't think that anyone under 13 should stay away from this game just that anyone over 13 should be OK with it and if you're under that age then it depends on your own emotional maturity. One thing about any game it you will always be suspending disbelief and for how rudimentary the graphics are iD Software did a great job of designing it to create atmosphere 25 years ago and it certainly feels like your walking into some dark dungeon and fighting for your life against chainsaw demons and corrupted knights etc if you want to let it, I genuinely felt fear at certain moments in the game as an almost 15 year old so it does let you immerse yourself if you want to but it certainly isn't the kind of thing that's, in my opinion at least, going to be super desensitizing to actual real world violence and simply because of the graphics being the way they are I don't think anyone above, as I've said, 13 will have any trouble with being emotionally scared by this game nor will, I think, many 12 or 11 year olds I just think that in those cases it should be handled on a case by case basis not a blanket statement of "this will be OK for you" or "No, this won't be OK for you".

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Too much violence
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Good game so far I have only played local multiplayer. There is blood and some mild gore but nothing else
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its really fun

first of all i find it ironic that this has a "positive role model" but halo does not. Second its really not that bad you can turn off the extreme motion sickness you get from moving. third there is no blood the graphics are old and really unrealistic I don't see anything wrong with this game

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Easy to play/use