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Educator and Parent Written byHaveAnEpiphany August 14, 2013
age 8+

Hours of entertainment... with great educational qualities, too!

This game is nothing short of spectacular. My daughter & I started playing through it together when she was 7. She LOVES science and was perhaps slightly more interested than would be typical for that age... nevertheless, we had a blast with this. It definitely opens up some fun conversations about physics and requires you to use some complex problem-solving in order to advance all the way through. She definitely would've gotten stuck and needed some help had she played it on her own at that age, but together we had a great experience. STORY: the storyline is intriguing and complex. You play as a 10-year-old boy who's visiting a crazy "absent-minded professor-type" uncle. And oh yeah, he can't be seen because he accidentally transported himself to another dimension... but he can see you and provides some much-needed info and some entertaining monologues along the way. QUALITY: the graphics are spectacular, music is top-notch... all in all, this game has the quality of much more expensive titles. I am so glad that I happened upon this game utterly by chance one day. It led to us finding Portal and Portal 2 (which share core members of their creative teams with the people behind Quantum Conundrum). We regularly go back together and replay elements of all 3 games. I couldn't recommend this highly enough!
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