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Rabbids Go Home

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age 6+

A good healthy dose of silly fun.

It's very easy to slight a game for not providing positive input into a child's upbringing but this game fulfills other essential criteria, Have Fun! Kids enjoy chaos, they enjoy silliness and this game made both of mine giggle endlessly. At the age of six my son is well aware of what is appropriate behavour and he is all too aware that these are comedy characters in a stylised comedy world. Both of them enjoy the chaos the rabbids cause and their innocent attitude to the things they find (quite simply, if it doesn't make them giggle they're not interested in it). It's very easy to try to read deep messages into a game but in this case take it for what it is. A small oasis of silliness!
age 10+

OK for older kids (maybe) but not for younger kids.

My 10 year-old son played the game for about 10 minutes...and it looked like fun. That is, until I noticed that part of the game is the Rabbids scaring people OUT OF THEIR CLOTHES! Why? What would possess the game designers to add something like that to a game for kids? Or, if they really felt that that was key to the spirit of the game, the ESRB should've rated it "T" for Teen. We took the game back. I wouldn't have that in my house. I don't want my kids thinking its funny to force people out of their clothes!

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Too much sex
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