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Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show

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Parents need to know before letting children play 10+ rated games

Rabbids Invasion xbox 360 is the best. There are some uses of name calling words and some mild language like "idiots" and rare uses of "heck" in it

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Educational value
age 6+

Would be good if it ACTUALLY WORKED.

I'm only here to complain that the fact that THIS GAME DOES NOT WORK. Well, it does sometimes (If you're lucky). It takes a while for the Playstation Camera/ Kinect to detect you. The TV show is not that great either. But I like it when stuff are interactive, so I would've gave this a better rating if it actually worked. Also, the game only gives you 20 episodes to play around with, and you soon have to buy more. If you really REALLY want to play this, I recommend getting the appisodes instead.

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Easy to play/use
Too much consumerism
age 7+

best game ever

not a learning game but a fun game. and kids want fun!!!!and some learning.

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Easy to play/use