Parent reviews for Resident Evil: Outbreak

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age 18+

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age 13+

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age 13+

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age 13+

Best RE game to date

Teaches kids how to work as a team, help strangers who can't defend themselves and how to be courageous against monsters and demons. Lots of swearing and violence though, but it's a M rated game about a zombie apocalypse.

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence
Too much swearing
age 13+
not rated for age


Total garbage. Nothing of any value can be found in this game. Sensationalism and pandering to the more violent side of teens (especially boys). I tossed it out after viewing with my son, who mourned the loss of his hard earned money. We discussed the issue and he finally did understand and respect my opinion( even agreed with me, in that way teens have when they know we're right in our duty to protect them). This came about after I asked him to name 3 things about this game that would teach him SOMETHING. He was unable to come up with even one.
not rated for age


I have allways enjoyed the resident evil games. They are fun, scary and pic your brain with the puzzles they stump you with.
not rated for age

Must play this game!!!!!!!

Its a great game! I personally dont think it affects us kids because (me being 15)have had first hands experience with the game (its my favorite video game series)and im not messed up!if your 15 and up play it!!!
not rated for age