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Parent Written byberealistic June 1, 2012

Dear Common Sense Media

this whole site is stupid. Just because it's a shooter doesn't mean that tween/teens will be scarred for life and turn into a sociopath because they played this. Yes, it has blood, but you're shooting deformed aliens with guns that mostly shoot highly unrealistic things. Also, this site is warning parents that this has multiplayer. What game nowadays doesn't????? Yes, it has online chat functionality, but that's part of what makes online game experiences fun, being able to converse with your teammates and rivals. And if it really bothers you that much, you can just turn the voice chat off, simple as that. This site requires you to submit your email address when signing up for an account(which I'm only doing so I can publish this). According to Common Sense Media's way of thinking, how do I know they won't give out my email address to horrible people who will verbally abuse me and take advantage of the situation? And according to them, since nothing educational or beneficial can be earned from giving this site my email address, I should avoid it at all costs and go around telling other people what they need to do. Also, this site uses the fact that it doesn't specifically have any positive role models or messages, and that you can't really learn anything educational from it as a negative. Boo freaking hoo. Games are supposed to be fantastic experiences that just let you relax and enjoy it, without having to specifically work and learn things. The fact that parents and parental advice groups these days are saying anything that doesn't specifically have a cheesy message, role model, or something educational in it is bad and immoral disgusts me. Sometimes you just need to let you or your child have fun, even if it doesn't teach them about the wonders of the world and how to lead a responsible and boring life, because there are a lot of ways to learn that other than games. If anything, playing this game relieved stress I had from throughout the day, and put me in a better mood. This is a truly great game that sets a benchmark for handheld games, offering a console like experience in the palm of your hands. The fact that parental advice sites like these are being overly dramatic and encouraging over protectiveness of your child is silly and pathetic.
Parent of a 14 year old Written byspider dad 1515 August 6, 2013

to all parents

the game is about a heroic firefighter, tom riley, searching for his wife and kid. while alying himself with the minute men ( a group of people prepared for the invsion) tom will search for his family while giving humanity hope. parents, there might be violance and foul language in this game you can turn the voice volume all the way down. yes there is blood but this is aliens we are killing. i do what you want but i always love the look on my kid's face when i say yes.
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