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Intense sci-fi title for mature action fans.
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Adult Written byroxiedog June 6, 2012

best game ever

best game ever

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent of a 10-year-old Written bymjdtherealdeal June 23, 2010

Resistance....its fun to kill your parents online....

C'mon people! What are you men or mice! This is a great game and really fun. My son loved it so much that we played it twice. We love killing each other and playing side by side.

This title contains:

Educational Value
Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byTom_Gamer_Tom June 23, 2010

Not as bad as Resistance 2.

After playing and reviewing Resistance 2, For some reason I get the sequel before the 1st. I decided to have a go at this. Its not as bad as Resistance 2. Its still graphic though. Blowing creatures into chunks is unpleasant shall we say? There is a lot of blood in this and a lot of very graphic headshots. I saw a decapitation at a time. But i'm not sure if it happened or they just fell weirdly. The language is what you hear normally. Its in moderation. Very mature still.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written bycallofduty5 December 13, 2009

Resistance:fall of man

Pretty bloody game. But if you are 15 or up it should be aprropriate it is one of the most amazing games ever ive played! story and graphics and weapons are good
and with high def blu ray u will enjoy a great cinematic game :)

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written bybullblitzdog April 28, 2009

this game is tight

this game is pretty gory but its overall amazing the graphics are amazing great game a++
Adult Written bylitroof49 April 9, 2008

One of the best games i have ever played

Resistance is without a doubt one of the best games i ever played. The gameplay and enemy AI offers an experience that, I think, rivals that of the Xbox LIVE play for Halo 2. The action keeps you on your toes and constantly thinking of a strategy to overcome the enemy. A deffinate must-have for any PS3 owner.
Adult Written byHaloFreak123 April 9, 2008
Adult Written bybdgoodies April 9, 2008

one of the best games ever made.

although this game says strong language, there is practically NO CUSSING. they say "hell" at most 5 times the worst is the s-word once. but the blood is pretty heavy as well as violence. 3 creatures explode into many pieces when shot enough, little scorpion like bugs pop like a fly on a windshield when shot. the violence is just as bad as any other shooting game. so basically if they took the blood out of this game(or at least half of it) then it would be rated T.
Adult Written byjimmyjim April 9, 2008

Violently awsome

The first action shooter for Ps3 is out of the gates and running. Despite the mild violence, there are many redeming qualities. The action sequences are huge and explosive. With weapons that can shoot t.v. guided rockets, to frags that are napalm in a can, its all good fun. One good quality is the learning. The AI are extremely advanced, the second or third best I've ever seen. This challenges kids to be a effective and skilled killer. Instead of mundain shoot,duck,frag,and shoot combat, there are strategies that come into play. To survive, players must use effective cover(because lighter cover is distructable) and learn to flank. Teamwork is also important. With more men, you can survive longer. There are certain secenes in which a teammate may be about to be eaten alive by smaller,numerous enemies. If you save him, you have a better chance to survive. There are also many great social and moral themes, like togetherness. The world is bieng taken over and all humans left have taken up arms in defense of the race. If the world was under siege, I know I'd want my kids to know how to be a hero.
Adult Written byrdv128k April 9, 2008

Great game, not for young kids

Resistance: Fall of Man has an excellent onine mode, where you must cooperate with your team to achieve a goal; namely, saving earth from aliens. I personally didn't enjoy the single-player mode, but online play was excellent. Too gory for young children, who might find it disturbing. As long as your child can distinguish a video game from the real world (and most can), I'd definately recommend this game for anyone 13+
Adult Written bymwittl April 9, 2008
Adult Written byjcran76 April 9, 2008

a good game

the game resistance fall of man is a good game.