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age 18+

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age 13+

Bleak,dark and violent-A good mixture in M rated games.

I have been loving the Resistance series and had to get this too.So I did.And it wasn't any disappointment.The great gameplay makes up for the big bucks spent,making it money well spent.So get this for your kids,they will,love you for life.Promise you that.

This title has:

Too much violence
age 15+

A great new entry in the Resistance series.

Retribution still retains the dark tone that made the Resistance series memorable, and is a lot of fun to play with many reasons to come back after beating the story. The violence is more tame on the PSP, but there is still blood when you kill enemies. Titans explode after being defeated, but it's not bad. There is also one suggestive scene with partial nudity in a cutscene, but overall, those who are 15 and can handle the dark tone will be fine playing this game.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
age 14+

Great title for anyone over 14

I didn't even notice the "nudity" that the rating and commonsense media are talking about. Great online game
age 15+

Great game for 15+

Very good shooter for the PSP. Game is perfectly fine for those 15 and older. All enemies are aliens who bleed red blood when shot, but it's not particularly graphic. Sex is implied in one scene, and breasts can be briefly seen on the Chimera's human test subjects; they are seen from a distance and are only visible in two levels. Some strong profanity, but never exceeds PG-13 profanity (d**n, s**t, f**k in a non-sexual sense).