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Parent of a 8 and 11 year old Written byKaren C August 20, 2009

Teaches perserverance and value of practice

My kids (11 and 8) love this game. Yes, a couple of the levels are difficult but can be mastered with practice. The graphics are adorable and irresistible. Nice mix of music types from primitive to jazz to popular. Use this game to educate children on the characteristics of different musical styles. THEY LOVE IT and so do I.
Adult Written byGooberri00 July 3, 2015

Good, but frustrating

Good game but very very diffiuclt
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Great role models
Easy to play/use
Adult Written bypizza31 November 14, 2010
Definitely the best music game for DS (and, really, the only good one) and one of my of my all-time favorites for any system. Simply tapping, rubbing, holding, and flicking your stylus on the screen is all you have to do for all 50 mini games, plus the extra little ones in the bonus room. See, each of the games here feel like they could become their own little adventure that you could possibly download off the DSi Shop or whatever. I guess my only complaints are that the games on this game can be very very challenging for people who first pick it up, resulting in a bunch of "Try Again!" 's. But, if you get at least three try again's in a row, and then you talk to the barista, he'll normally let you skip that level with a silver medal and go on to the next one. I guess my other complaint is that all the flicking of the stylus leaves scratches on my screen of my DS, so I recommend screen protectors for anyone who's buying this game or who's gonna be borrowing it for a while. One small note here: the reason I marked "violence" and "language" was because in the game "shoot 'em up" and "shoot 'em up 2", you shoot incoming aliens in the rhythm of the song, which sometimes results in alien blood coming out of the alien for about a half of a second, before it rolls offscreen. The language issue, however, is because all of the songs that have vocals here are love songs, which may concern some parents, but it's nothing really to be frightful of. In the game that actually DOES have a singer who's singing the love song, it's not like she's actually singing to a person, it's just her and monkeys as the audience. Man, this game really brings back memories. I played this a bunch that one summer I was like really depressed for no reason, and along with a lot of jack Johnson music, and the movie "Up", I was happy as can be. Yes, each mini game here has it's own unique way of showing how great music is, or can be (Miley Cyrus? Mmmm… not so good.) and it really make you want to be there with the little characters on your DS screen. In fact, if it wasn't for this game, I don't think I ever would have found my love for music. I know this because everyone thinks of me as "the music kid" at school, and I'm proud of that.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much swearing