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Rise of Nations

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For All Ages, Amazing

This has got to be one of the greatest strategy games of all time, it's brilliant. Without even being very violent sure there is a heap of killing but honestly that looks like someone falling over and falling asleep!!!
age 10+
This game manages to show players the development of people from the early ages to today. Diplomacy is also a key aspect of the game and shows in a simplistic, effective way the aspects of diplomacy, especially in the way of resource trading (committed aid). There also exists a learning curve that doesn't happen to be very steep, and the difficulty of the AI makes for a possibly challenging and fun game. The Conquer the world campaign also gives players an idea of world geography, as well as the history and aspects of a particular area of earth or a particular people (For example China's "Power of Culture", highlighting China's advantage in the area of cultural development in the middle ages over other civilizations, or Egypt's ability to have two extra farms per town being reflective in their agriculture in the early ages due to the Nile.) This is a fantastic game.

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Great game of strategy

Great Game of learning and strategy.