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Road Not Taken

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age 14+

Great Puzzle Solving With Some Darker Themes

Overall this game really is a good mix of humor and crafty puzzle solving, and though it can be frustrating, it can be very rewarding to learn the crafting combinations to solve the harder puzzles. But as you play through several campaigns you start to realize that there is something darker going on in the little town your ranger is helping. The berries that the lost children were collecting are supposedly able to extend the lives of those who eat them, and it seems that only children can gather them. The town mayor reminds you every play through that you don't need to save all the children each year. Seem a little ominous? The truth that the game is hinting at is made clear if you encounter the witch Baba Yaga in the woods. Her entry in the book of secrets reveals that the berries are able to keep people young because they contain the souls of lost children. This is a pretty dark plot point. While it is not immediately obvious what the true nature of the berries is (and it's clear that the reviewer of this game didn't play far enough to discover this,) it would certainly be something to keep in mind before allowing a younger child to play through this game.