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age 6+

just ok

not that fun but it is appropriate for kids
age 8+

Fun to a point.

I downloaded this game for free on PS Plus, and I’m glad I did. It has all the explosive action you would expect from a game called “Rocket Arena” but this game can get boring and repetitive fast. Once you have tried out every character, you have to play it less for it to not get boring. It’s still fun, but I can’t recommend it to someone who is going to pay for it.
age 7+

rocket arena mythic addition review

I would give Rocket Arena a 4 star only because when I bought it for ten dollars it did not make it clear that you needed ps plus. Now I have ps plus, so I play every day, but for a month or 2 I couldn't play it. Rocket Arena has nice graphics. It's action-packed so it's like brawlhalla--you barely know where you're going. Rocket arena is great for your first action game. It is rated T for fantasy violence. But the only violence is firing rockets. The impact just makes the player’s health go down. And when you die you get thrown into the air and you gently fall back down only to respawn. I recommend ages 7+. In conclusion, I think Rocket Arena is a very fun game that you can get good at and honestly it's one of those games where you can make a fortune on prize money alone. Thank you for reading this. I hope you all have an awesome day.
age 9+

Fantastic and not inappropriate

Amazing game no blood can turn off voice chat completely safe for kids.

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Great messages
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Easy to play/use
age 11+

Good game, a refreshing challenge

If you are looking for a general over view: This game is fun, action pact and requires skill. There is less grinding required. Fully suitable for young ones if they have quick reaction times and decent third person knowledge. Rocket arena is a super fun 3rd person shooter game about rockets. In this game, you are thrown into an arena with 5 other people, 2 being your teammates, and your goal is to throw the enemies out of the arena to win. FUN:I have played many shooters during my time in gaming, and none of them are like this game. It's an interesting, unique premise that is executed well. There are different characters to choose from, so you don't need to worry about the gameplay getting repetitive. It takes basic 3rd person shooters and combines them with the fun percent system from smash brothers and creates a refreshing experience. MICROTRANSACTIONS: Being an EA game, there are mircotransactions, but they chose to remove the idiotic loot box system and instead let you earn money in game and buy skins with that in game money. The rate of monitary gain is good too, so you don't have to grind super long for the item you want. another thing i like is they decided to make almost all the characters available from the start, meaning you get to skip most of the grinding and can go right into play. GAMEMODES: Speaking of play, there are 4 gamemodes, each with their fun aspects. The first mode is knockout, which is a more traditional kill to win type mode, but with a rocket arena twist, that being you need to knock your opponents out of the stage, similar to smash brothers. This twist continues throughout all the gameplay. The next mode is Mega Rocket, which is a CTF(Capture the flag) style gamemode. Nothing too special. The next gamemode is Treasure Hunt. This gamemode has two phases. The first is you need to try to hold onto a treasure chest, collecting coins as you go. The second phase is you need to collect coins scattered around the map. Keep in mind this is all while being shot at. The last gamemode is Blast Ball, which is essentially football. SKILL: This game is challenging when you first start playing. All of the abilities are geared to the characters play style and you don't always like the play style of a certain character, which results in a loss most of the time. Also, most of the rockets you fire are slow in comparison to most shooters, so you will have to get used to all of your shots having some sort of lag. Every character in this game has some sort of movement ability which makes them more maneuverable witch will make it more challenging to hit them. Also, height plays a big role in this game. Lots of characters have the ability to get very high, and you will have to be looking all around your character to make sure you don't get ambushed by a roaming plink(A character) who may be tailing you. This requires good game sense. However, once you learn these skills you will be able to secure lots of KOs and be useful on you team, which is rewarding. IS THIS GAME SAFE FOR KIDS: Yes. You don't have to worry about your kid seeing strange things in this game, as it is perfectly safe if your kid has watched any kind of cartoon violence.

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age 10+

Fun exciting game that has no killing! It's called instead K.O./Knockout

This is a third person game, not like Fortnite. It's less violent, I think they made the game really well. It's fun, quick, and easy...a great game it's in it's own category from any other game!

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Easy to play/use