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Arcade-style soccer, with cars and a giant ball.
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Adult Written byDuncan N. February 13, 2017

Nice for young but a bit complicated

Really good and would be less than 8 yrs old bit it is a tiny bit complicated for 7 yrs and younger

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Adult Written bySummer Gambit May 31, 2016

Easy to learn, hard to master

Rocket League is a fun game that is best played with friends. You drive around in a car of your selection (all cars have the same stats, top speed, accelerating etc.), customize it to your liking (colour, hats, boost colour) and play soccer. Matches last up to 5 minutes, with a Sudden Death round if there is a tie at the end of regulations. Sudden Death is simply the team who shoots the next goal wins. You can perform various tricks with your car and use the boost engine to gain some additional speed. There is a nice tutorial mode for newcomers, but the best way of learning the game is really to play in a team with your friends!

There is something parents need to aware of. Since this game is best played on the internet, there's gonna be a lot of people who use inappropriate language or straight up try to bully other players. But honestly, that's the internet for you. Parents should know by now how the internet is.

All in all, it's a fun game, which you can easily play with your kids. Though I do recommend playing with friends and/or family, when you plan to play with some younger audiences (3 to 10 years old). Again ladies and gentleman, it's the internet.

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Adult Written byAn honest parent October 7, 2020

Now Free To Play

Seen my son playing this and he loves it. He got it for free because the creators of *uhhh* FORTNITE bought it, and I expected it to be some more jumped up trash but it’s good and me and my son play it everyday
Parent of a 7 and 10-year-old Written bysking16 March 17, 2021

one of the best

Adult Written byJimmyWinslow November 26, 2020

Good for kids 6+

Rocket League is a very fun game for kids, yet it can be challenging for younger kids (1-5). It is a good role model for kids, having them work in teams to get things done.

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Adult Written byBlueflash113 May 2, 2016

Rocket league

This game will have inappropriate language no matter what because you will have people who can work around a filtered chat and will say words when it comes to getting upset or mad. This game is unfair when it comes to ranking system. You most likely will get beat and upset because people have found a way to cheat. This was my favorite game, enjoyed it a lot. Until recently when everything became a competition and the moment you do something wrong is the moment everyone hates you. Then the other team decides to use bragging rights by saying inappropriate words or even worse is words like "loser", "you suck", ect. ... I know they won't hear this but I thought the best way to get back at themy for not fixing this problem yet is by sharing it. I don't know who reads this but in my experience, I have been playing this game for 2 years now, amazing game... WAS an amazing game. Now it's filled with people who play it as if they are competing for life or death. And let's make sure we can smack the other team so far in the dirt they never want to play again. Rediculous. Hopefully this stands out from a lot of the good reviews which I would have wrote a while ago too, but never will I because this game has gotten way out of hand.

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Adult Written byElegantBat July 4, 2021

Rocket league

I think its a decent game. But there are a few things i hate and i think cyonix needs to fix. One, They need to fix skill baced mach making because i keep getting like gold players in a diamond treny. Or when they need to make it for only diamonds. Another thing is they need to fix the ban time when you leave a terny to like a week because people just leave and dost even care so its makes it a 2v3 and thats not fare. Cyonix please fix yor game.
Adult Written bySomeGuyThatHate... May 27, 2021

Very Fun!

They have so much fun playing the game, even when I tried it, IT WAS SO FUN!

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Adult Written bymbgower December 27, 2020

Fun to play and watch!

Like many parents, I'm pretty fed up with how video games just retread the same ideas endlessly and rely heavily on violence. I am always seeking something that offers more. Rocket League is essentially soccer football with cars. Doesn't sound 'new', but the idea really works! Teams of 2 or 3 players are contained within a field much like a giant hockey rink, where the huge ball can't go out of bounds. Players can manipulate the cars (jump, dodge, flip) as well as rocket them (literallly) around the field.
The result is an exhilarating game to both play and watch. The program has extensive training grounds to get you started, and then the league matches you up with players of similar ability for games. For that reason I've ranks it 'easy to play' but it's a very demanding game and some skill levels are incredible to watch.
The graphics are amazing, and rich replay abilities make it a real pleasure just to spectate. I'm a horrible player, but have had hours of enjoyment 'coaching' my son on tactics, etc.
The teams are assigned by the system based on play ability, so you are mostly playing with people you don't know. They've made good decisions on online chat (it's restricted to the actual players, and tends to have pre-set messages that keep chatter on task and positive). There are also nice features to allow you to keep on playing with team mates. There's the occasional spoil sport and foul language in the chats, but overall it is an extremely supportive team environment. Probably the most conciliatory I've seen online.
I've said this is good for 8 and up. I suspect most players are much older; but the league can accommodate a wide variety of player ability.
In terms of violence, I'll mention that you _can_ blow up other cars if you have a head on collision. But for the most part, it's no more violent than a real soccer match -- a lot of bumping and jostling for the ball. I highly recommend it.

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Adult Written byComerfj November 14, 2020


They may call them tournaments not competitions. However for 4 evenings child and his friends can’t get on to the competition. They build themselves up for disappointment. Then the stress it causes. It’s addictive and ridiculous.
Adult Written byNaruto fan October 21, 2020

It's very good

People who love racing games and soccer games here is it in one. It's fun flying in the air, shooting goals having fun its 2 games in one ,but you can chat with others online so 7+ should be good
Adult Written byOddball20 January 13, 2020


This is a must have Nintendo Switch/PS4 game. This game is okay for all ages. I recommend to all people that enjoy stuff like bumper cars or cartoon soccer. I play this game a LOT!

Retails at $19.99

Because ROCKET LEAGUE is a sports game, there really is no story. Sure, it looks like you and your friends drove into King Kong's backyard and starting playing on the enclosed soccer field he built for himself and Godzilla, but we're just speculating. What we can tell you is that though there are tons of arenas and you can unlock new flags, paint jobs, and hats to customize your car, the only thing motivating you is the desire to win.

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Adult Written byHollocska October 27, 2019

Car soccer

I bought to get the early release of Tristam's new song, great songs and it is very enjoyable party gamem it can go up to 8 players with two tv, one pc and one xbox, great!

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Adult Written bySlayerForLife May 28, 2019

It’s piss pour in the banning system

I think it’s an ok game till you play competitively and the thing is when people get mad they go afk and drop your rank still you report and it dose nothing to the afk player but you leave and get minutes to hour banns really you need to fix that for something that isint your fault trying x100 just to gauard your own goal for an afk team mate they will move 1 inch so they don’t get kicked for inactivity but you could put a ban on people who leaves a match like that really I would not recommend buying your child this game for its piss pour banning system kids will play it and immediately give it up for this reason. God job work harder
Teen, 15 years old Written byMac Attack September 1, 2015

Rocket League Review - Brief

Hilarious game for all ages. I still play it with my friends because of the constant interaction in the game. You a car and you play a basic football game with a large ball. Very simple but entertaining. Surprisingly fun and my friends and I have a great time playing as a team. Ideal for family use however the game is very flexible in that respect.

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